Uniquip Bangladesh

We began with the most important thing… to focus on Jesus, of course! Throughout the workshop, we spent time in worship, lifting Him up as Lord individually, over the region, and over the University.

We found that as we drew close to Him, we were drawing close to one another. He led us in times of removing hindrances to our relationship with one another so we can move forward individually and together in freedom!

Our tears of repentance and forgiveness turned to shouts of celebration for the cleansing, healing and restoration that released new peace from the past and hope for the future.

We asked the question: what are the biblical foundations of education? The Hebrew model is to learn God’s ways in order to apply to every area.

The goal is to bring personal transformation, to train every person to fulfill their place of service to God and community.

In contrast, the Greek model is to fill the head with knowledge, to educate the elite citizen in order to rule. Sadly, this has become the core for formal education around the world.

As a result, education is exclusive and competitive.

It has become a place of shame, fear and discouragement. We explored our stories in order to identify the lies that we received and how they have held us back.

We responded through forgiveness and embracing new truth about ourselves.

We explored the tool God has given us in the UofN, a means to equip missionaries to go into every area of society!

To reach our goals, we learn new knowledge and develop skills and mature in character. We do this by studying intensely in one area at a time (modular). Each course can be taken by itself, and each course can build into a degree (associates, bachelors or masters).

Almost every course involves both classroom study and practical application in an outreach or internship (and often during the classroom session!)

We live and work together with students, staff and resource teachers who come to share their experience and anointing (live learn environment).

Each of the seven colleges and eight centers were described to give understanding of the breadth of the training offered

We celebrated and embraced the gifts, calling and destiny that God has for Bangladesh and the S Asia region.

We honored the wonderful accomplishment of those who were graduating with UofN degrees across several colleges.

A key take away for many is that relationships and identity are key for real learning to happen. As a group, we did not just talk about biblical, Spirit-led education, we experienced it!

We looked at the role of Base Leader, School Staff, Guest Speaker and School Leader work in the University of the Nations. As well as Formal, Non-Formal and Informal modes of education, where our lives must match what we say, do and how we act. Education is not just in the classroom but in all of life.

Finally we wrote some of our dreams, callings and commitments as a record of our time together at Uniquip.

Find out more about Uniquip at uniquip.uofn.edu


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