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My name is Alexis, but most people call me Alexz. I'm a creative soul with a profound love for words and aesthetics. At just a few years old, I started reading books with my dad every night before bed, a tradition that lasted more than a decade. In junior high, I made my first social media profile on MySpace, where I began teaching myself HTML for profile design. In high school, I was a budding op-ed writer for the high school newspaper, and I was (embarrassingly) nominated for the senior award "Myspace Addict." Fast forward to the present, and I'm as enamored with words, stories, and pictures as ever before.

Who am I now, you ask? I'm an animal lover, a witty wordsmith, an amateur photographer, a young adult with a lifelong addiction to social media, and, most importantly, an eager communications professional with a passion for words and stories, who wants to find a way to marry her passion with her professional skills. Social media is my bread and butter and I'm always looking for a new challenge or a fun new project to dip my toes into.

To see some of the projects I've created so far, and to learn more about my work, just keep scrolling!

I. Happy Healthy SJSU // II. The Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group // III. Silicon Valley Pet Project // IV. Alexz in Wonderland // V. Photography

I. Happy Healthy SJSU

Happy Healthy SJSU is a social initiative that I created as part of my graduate student project as an M.S. candidate at San Jose State, in conjunction with the San Jose State Wellness Center and Counseling & Psychological Services. The goal of this initiative was to reduce mental health stigma and raise knowledge & awareness on mental illness across the San Jose State University campus by educating students and providing information on resources on campus. To do this, I created the blog site for students, where I posted relevant information on topics related to mental health and stigma, as it pertained to the student community at SJSU.

Blog posts to date include the above, which were screen captured directly from

In addition to the blog, I also created Twitter and Facebook accounts that I use to promote content and drive student viewership to the Happy Healthy SJSU blog site. On social media, I not only promote blog content, but I also post about events and resources available to students, as well as facts and statistics related to mental illness.

These are some of the Twitter and Facebook posts that I've made under Happy Healthy SJSU.

Overall, the goal of Happy Healthy SJSU is to educate students on the abundance of mental illness and the surrounding stigma, and start the discussion about mental health on campus as a way to alleviate the stigma that prevents many students from getting the necessary help and support.

I also designed this flier at the start of the initiative, which I posted around the San Jose State campus in order to gain followers.
II. The Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group

The Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group (NIAG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to be a stable source of liability insurance for other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations within the community. I've been working at NIAG for more than 3 years, and was recently promoted from Marketing and Member Services Assistant to Communications Specialist, a role designed with the intent of establishing a beefier social media presence.

Aside from social media, I've also designed several visuals for our email marketing, which can be seen below. My biggest accomplishments thus far have been launching a company blog, advocating for additional content and creating a detailed content calendar from scratch, and most importantly, growing the Group's Facebook followers by over 1000 percent and engagement by 294 percent in the first few weeks of developing our social presence.

This is an infographic I designed for our brokers, as a way to explain our quoting process for new nonprofit business.
I felt a lot of our email newsletter content was falling by the wayside, so I also designed this banner to put into our monthly letter to stand out from the text.
III. Silicon Valley Pet Project

My career experience working at a nonprofit and with nonprofits has given me a great deal of passion for the sector. This reason coupled with my desire to get more hands-on experience in social media marketing and design led me to Silicon Valley Pet Project, an animal rescue nonprofit based out of Santa Cruz. I began volunteering for SVPP in May 2016 designing various marketing material and collateral.

This is an adoption post-card I created for SVPP foster parents to pass along to new owners. I also created a similar design for dogs.

Additionally, I began creating, writing, and posting all "My Life Starts Now" adoption posts on Facebook in December 2016 on behalf of the organization. I designed the initial template for these posts and am now responsible for making sure every incoming pet is posted or scheduled to be posted to Facebook within 2 days of receiving the intake notification.

These are just two of many Facebook posts I have designed, written, and scheduled on behalf of SVPP's "My Life Starts Now" campaign.
IV. Alexz in Wonderland

Alexz in Wonderland is a fashion blog that I created, designed, and actively promoted on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It featured content on personal-style and fashion/trend related topics. With this blog, my aim was to showcase my own love of fashion while also inspiring confidence & creativity in others. Concurrently, my other goal was to obtain first-hand experience building a brand from the ground up. I posted content to Alexz in Wonderland from May to December 2016.

Instagram is the primary social media platform that I use to engage followers with Alexz in Wonderland. These are some of the posts that I made on my account @alexzinwonderland
V. Photography

If I'm being honest, photography is probably the root of my interest in a creative field. I've always loved taking photographs and the art of capturing real-life moments on film is a passion of mine. When I was little, I filled countless disposable cameras with photos of my dog and yard. Then, in my senior year of high school, I got my first DSLR - and the rest is history!

This shot, a macro of a dandelion, is my banner on Alexz in Wonderland!

I took this photo while hiking around Black Diamond Mines in Antioch, CA.

I captured while at a park with some kids I babysat one summer. Sometimes great shots come at the most unexpected moments!

This is a macro shot that I captured of a California poppy while hiking in early spring.

My friend Kayla and I used to have a great time styling outfits and planning locations for mini photoshoots. This one was featured on her blog

Another macro shot - this one of a monarch's wings.

Another shot of Kayla, captured on a chilly day fall day on the coast of San Francisco.

The valley behind Black Diamond Mines, captured after a long hike!

My favorite photo of my one and only fur baby, Shiloh, captured while laying on my floor at home.

Another dandelion shot, this one with a little movement thanks to Kayla!

I love taking pictures of everything from landscapes, to plant macros, to fashion photo-shoots. Planned or sporadic, I'm always down to go on an adventure with my camera in tow. No challenge is too boring!

I also edit my own photos, relying primarily on Adobe Photoshop for modifications to lighting, saturation, and color.


Alexis Crase is a marketing & communications professional with several years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her dog Rosy.

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