Taken on Iphone 7 plus with a HDR using a forced perspective or a hot air balloon.
This photo I focused on the rule of thirds placeing the hot air baloon not in a centered position.
For this photo i had to use a forced perspective causing the sunlight to look like it is shining from my palm to the camera.
For this photo I had used a lot of the rule of thirds methods and tried to capture the colors of the sunset as strongly as possible. If I were to improve this photo I would make the camera focus on the sun or the head of the person poking out as the head looks black it would've created a contrasting effect.
I used the rule of thirds in this photo capturing the main point of the hot air balloon but unfortunately it was a dusty day as the colors weren't so bright and the photo looked dull.
For this photo i used a looking down perspective as i had to get up high to make the photo look good as the tiles were on the floor. while taking this photo i struggled with trying to keel my feet out of the frame as the
For this photo I had to go up high in order to reach this piece that was on a risen pedestal. this photo i had to keep un mind the horizon in order to keep this photo straight . Another factor I had to keep in mind is the shadows as it could've been really distracting if the photo wasn't centered or the camera wasn't leveled with the center piece.
This photo was taken behind a airplane window unfortunately the window from the outside was dusty which made the photo dusty and less appealing that the view from the human eye.
In this photo I captured the hot air ballon basket right after it landed. as I was walking I had seen it it wasn't as amazing as in person than it is in the photo as I used the HDR setting creating a lot of depth as well as captured the most beautiful unrecognizable details.
Blurred the backround by placing the subject closer to the camera creating depth of field. I really wanted to take this photo because as the sunlight was hitting my drink the colors of the drink were so amazing i wanted to capture it.

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