VANCOUVER The greenest city

The city of Vancouver , is a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada, and the most populous city in the province. Located on the western half of the Burrard Peninsula, Vancouver is bounded to the north by English Bay and the Burrard Inlet. To the south is the Fraser River. The City of Burnaby lies east and the Strait of Georgia to the west. Vancouver Island, across the Strait of Georgia, protects Vancouver from the Pacific Ocean. Vanvcouver ranks third in the world as the best city to live in – for quality of life and this city is tied with Montreal as the 10th cleanest city in the world. Calgary came in first place. Guess they didn’t visit the east side.
Vancouver is becoming the greenest city, inside and out with the "Greenest City Action Plan". Achieving the targets in the Greenest City Action Plan will not just be the work of the government. It will require the cooperation and participation of all of Vancouver's residents and businesses.
Vancouver has relied on green urban planning, in order to keep the city design as clean and efficient as possible, with a concept called eco-density; concentrating on conservation; sustainable mass transportation and bike paths to reduce automobile traffic. This refers to building vertically, as in skyscrapers, as opposed to urban sprawl. By doing so, Vancouver has become the city with the lowest gas emissions of any major city in North America. Currently, over 80% of Vancouver's energy is supplied by hydroelectricity.
The City of Vancouver has the goal of building only energy efficient buildings. In addition to carbon neutral buildings, the sewers, parks, water utilities, roadways, and energy supply are being worked on with the goal of becoming "the greenest city on the earth "
Vancouver already has a worldwide reputation for livability, and it is well placed to act as a model for the green cities of the future – cities that create sustainable density without sacrificing livability. Creative Energy wants to help Vancouver and other cities achieve their aims by working to come up with innovative solutions to urgent energy challenges. In 1971, Greenpeace was born. It’s one of the word's oldest and most successful environmental groups established in Vancouver.

Carnaghi, D'aleo, Garzia, Salihi, Zaro

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