Video Project. By kaiden hale.

The bombing of pearl harbor was the begining of the war for the United States.

The next day was the battle of Wake Island where after a full night and morning of fighting, the Wake garrison surrendered to the Japanese by mid-afternoon. The US Marines lost 49
Battle of the Phillippines was a very important battle as control over the phillipines were a very strategect strong hold.
Normandy was the first involvement in the war on western europe for the allied forces.
Operation Barbossa began on June 22 1941 which marked the german invasion of the Soviet Union
The battle of Kursk marked the biggest tank battle in history. After a German defeat at Kursk it shifted the balance of power to the Soviets.
The German defeat at Stalingrad marked the beginning of the end of the war on the eastern front.
The Liberation of France happened on august 25th 1944, only a matter of time before the allies would storm Germany.
The for Reichstag ( parliament ) was the essentially the last battle in world war II in europe.
Germany surrenders unconditionally to the Allies on May 7th 1945.
On August 6th 1945 US dropped the first atomic bomb ( Little Boy ) on Hiroshima.
On August 9th 1945 the US dropped the second atomic bomb ( Fat Man ) on Nagasaki.
Japan Formally surrenders on September 2nd 1945 officialy ending the war.

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