3D Print By: william c.

The first step to make the 3D print is to draw your design then fill in the parts you want to print out with black sharpie. That is what is shown in this photo.

Printshop was the app I was using to make my drawing 3d. It was the main app for designing the 3d print. It did all the work for the designing.

This is in Printshop where I would create the dimensions of the shape. Then I would move to the next step

This is the 3D printer that we use to make the 3D print. It's called the MakerBot. It is the machine that uses filament to make the 3D print.

The next images are the stuff the 3d printer says to let you know what is going on.

It's asking you to load or unload the system.

This is showing that it is ready and for you to do the instructions.

Now you just connect the design to the printer and print it. It turned out great other than some of the lines being fused together. It was really fun and I recommend this to anybody who likes 3d stuff and designing. This is the final product, thanks for reading this!

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