Canada in 2050 By:Soran Hassanpour

Canada is growing in population day by day. Most of our population are from our major cities and our immagration population increasing year by year being the game changer in Canadas population with close to 7 million of our population being Migraroties.

Canada has a strong population of 35.16 million people at the moment with a population growth rate of 1.2% annually.

Demographics: Population: 35.15 million ~ Life expactancy: 81.24 years ~ Fertility rate: 1.6 births per/women ~ Official language: English,French. It is said that the population and life expacatancy is to rise before 2050 but the birth rate is said to go down. The population is predicted to be around 42 million by 2050

As you can see, through out the future, Canadas birth rate will be decreasing due to some factors like females now a days are focusing on jobs and will continue out through the future and they are not leaving time for marrige and having kids or they might have kids but at a late age after they finish there main priorities such as finishing their education.

Birth and Death rate In 2050

Canadas Birth rate: 10.3/1000 population ~ Death rate: 8.5/1000 population ~ Migrants: 5.7/1000 population. At the moment, Canadas birth rate is a little over Canadas death rate.

With Canadas population steadily growing from year to year, the number of deaths has increased a lot over time, and will keep going the near future. Near 2030-2050, there might be a situation where there would be more deaths than births.


In Canada, migroraty is taking over natural increase and it is said that migroarities are starting to change by increase and will be the game changer in Canadas population by 2050. Our Immagrant community represents 20.6% of the total population of Canada, with 19.8% in 2006. Strong immagration is a big part of Canadas population increasing at a faster pace. Our immagration population over all takes up close to 7 million out of 35 million of our popuulation. As I refered to from birth and death, in the nearby future, Canadas death rate will be higher than their birth rate. From that point forward, Immigration would be the only growth factor for the Canadian population.

As you can see in the chart, Canadas natural increase has been very low these past decade and will continue to stay at the same rate or less while the migratory increase has neber been as high as it is today and will be even higher by the nearby future. It seems that by 2050-2061, Migratory population will be what Canadas population will be depending on.

There is an Immagration rate of around 250,000 Immagrants per year. Some thing that influence immagration are new economic opportunities, new jobs,education, and for a better life in general. Some things that may push them away are conflict, drought, famine, or high religious activity.

First Nation communities

The first nation population and communities are'nt really effecting our population. They have a population of 1.5 million people which is 4.3% of Canadas population. Many first nations have different beliefs in growing their family or not. Culture among these first nation may make a slight different for Canadas future.

Overall, In my opinion, I think that Canadas population will be increasing for some time, then start to drop slowly after the death rate has past the birth rate in Canada.

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