Squirrel Haggard "How I became famous"

Back in the day, I was the first big name signed to the fledgling "Come and Take It Records" because I believed... and had to be a part of it...

It was my first number one single - titled, " My Mother in law is in my house, so I'm eating frito pie, drinking beer and being quiet blues". That single sent "Come and Take It" into the stratosphere

Of course, that only lasted a couple days, cause back then - well let's just say they didn't hand out a whole lot of #1's!

But it set the tone for what was to come... soon the whole local animal kingdom was tapping their toes to hits like... "I can't be myself cuz my mother in law is in town" and "why's my kid sleeping in my bed?"

It wasn't long before local joints and outhouses Began losing out to the lure of the big cities.

And the groove kept groovin - as they say out in that californ i a - and the Legend of squirrel Haggard began - in Texas.

Quote from the opossum that lived in my attic.., "Ya see... Squirrel was real... he sang about real things and the bullshit just didn't matter... when you heard Squirrel on the radio... well, ya knew it was him"

And that Folks, ...is how my name- Squirrel Haggard became a household name.!


Kahuna Films - Houston, Texas

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