Live Your Life Be Free By Belinda Carlisle

Live Your Life Be Free

1991 | Pop

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“Live your life be free, live your life be free. -- And when you free you mind, you will leave your past behind. -- Live your life be free, live your life be free. -- Open up your eyes and you will see.”


  • This was on the first of Carlisle's albums not to chart in the United States and the last album of hers to produce a U.S. Billboard Hot 100 single.
  • LIve your Life Be Free was written by Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley and produced by Nowels.
  • Check out our page on her song Nobody Owns Me.


Luke Tatum

Okay, so yes. Sherry's write-up is spot-on here. Now, allow me to take this one step further and project way more onto this song than is actually there. Ahem. What if the narrator in this song is the idea of freedom? In other words, we are all "in a relationship" with the state. "I know you feel an obligation; To her emotional state of mind," and so forth. The relationship analogy can be helpful when looking at things like the American Civil War, (or "War of Northern Aggression,") so why not here? If you live YOUR life and be free, you are "with" freedom. That means you have left the state behind. Eh? Eh?

Sherry Voluntary

Ok, so I think we can all agree that this song is pretty shitty, but it does have a good idea in the title and throughout and that is that YOU should be able to live your life as you see fit and be FREE. Truly free! Not the bootlicking, “right to obey” that passes for freedom in most places these days. The concept of individual autonomy is inviolate and you should never be inhibited in the course of your life where you are not trespassing on another's rights. That’s just basic libertarian philosophy.

Nicky P

Much like Sherry points out, the critics didn't like this album either. Perhaps that's why all her recent albums seem to be in french. That being said there is something telling about why songs about soured romance and relationships make for such compelling narratives about freedom. We all make no bones about telling people that the government isn't special, it's made up of people with their own drives and ambitions and is fallible for this very reason. So, it makes perfect sense that most narratives centered around relationships would have a tight relate-ability. I always feel like we're stretching going into these silly ones but I never feel as though we stretched that much in the end. I suppose because no matter what the state is the worst of the worst as far as abusive relationships go.

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Nicky P

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