Favorites of Kurtis Tran

Favorite Animal - Duck

They waddle, fly, and swim.

Favorite Color - Teal

The perfect combination of blue and green.

Favorite Book Genre - Fantasy

Gives unlimited space to expand ideas, imaginations, dreams, fantasies, hopes, etc.

Favorite Zodiac - Leo

The Lion King's fierce spirit and blazing aura.

Favorite Seven Wonders of the World - Machu Picchu

A city totally enclosed by mountains, and no open access by cars or roads.

Favorite Sport - Soccer

A hobby of mine since young.

Favorite Football Team - Steelers

Where my parents were raised in America.

Favorite Dog - Siberian Husky

White as Snow, Wolf like Dog

Favorite Number - Pi

An irrational number with no consistent pattern with endless possibilities.

Favorite Season - Winter

The season I was born in.

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