Stay True Shayla Thomas Per. 3

“People learn, early in their lives, what is their reason for being”
This relates to me on knowing what my personal legend is and knowing what I wanted to do in my life at such a young age. When I was about 6 years old I always watched my brother play travel ball and I basically grew up on the baseball field. So, I told my mom I wanted to try and play softball and little did I know I would be this little tiny stud out there on the field just like my brother. After I turned about 10 to 11 years old I started getting on better teams and I realized that I could go to college playing this sport and become such an influence to others and do the one thing I love most at the same time. So that's exactly what I set my goal to be in life which was to get a full ride scholarship and playing softball in college.
“Never stop dreaming, the king said, follow the omens.” p. 64
This quote speaks to me in a very strong way because during games at times I can't always be perfect, I make mistakes like a normal human. This picture is me and my friend Serena holding onto each other and telling one another to not give up because we were losing this game and not having the best day for the both of us personally in the softball world. Serena and I feel very strongly about this sport and we would never give up even if nothing was going our way.
“The treasure was now nothing but a painful memory, and he tried to avoid thinking about it.” (tan pg. 53)
I'm going to switch over to my social life. I know I just talked about Serena because we were on the same softball team since I was 10 and have been best friends ever since but last year that all changed. This quote is talking about how you lose something very special to you and try to forget. I've never gotten close to anybody until I met Serena. She opened me up and made me love myself. I felt comfortable around her in any way. But last summer right before sophomore year she needed space for school and I gave it to her and nothing has been the same since so I lost her.
“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?” (p.128 tan)
This is a picture of me, Megan, and Kelly. Two twin girls that I have known since I was 3 years old. They were also on my softball team with me and Serena and they have always just been close friends of mine but about a couple years ago we became super close so my best friends were, Megan, Kelly, and Serena. My heart always told me that Megan and Kelly were better for me than Serena but I never really took it in and thought about it. In the end my heart was right. I would for sure say that Megan, Kelly, and I are the closest anyone could ever get. They were there for me with the whole Serena thing and still are. I hangout with them everyday even though they go to HBHS. I hang with them every weekend. But listen to your heart it has valuable information.
“My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer.” (p. 130)
One of my biggest fears is getting heart broken again or opening up and getting close to someone and then them leaving which causes heart break. I fear that this will happen because it already has. I'm scared my heart is going to hurt the second I open up to someone and I don't want to be afraid to open up and get crushed because the hard times you go through make you who you're going to be. What I've been through has made me the person I am today.
“Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are” (pg.25)
After many failed attempts to rekindle fires between me and Serena I learned to just stay true to myself. Even though it is still really hard, right now things are for the best and should not be played with. Maybe in the future we will find one another again but as of now things are going okay and some things are best when they are not played with.
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