A princess tale By: Judith Diaz

Once upon a time there was a group of princess' and magical creatures surrounded in the forest. Today was Sophia's birthday (the girl in the purple dress) and all her magical creature friends gathered around to celebrate. Sophia's sister Ariel (the girl in the pink dress) is now announcing her birthday party and they all can't wait to begin!
Now they were all dancing and having such a great time. All of a sudden a big green monster comes. He stands on the brown pot shown in the picture and tries to attack the princess. During the party the cat is playing with her yarn and just as she sees the monster she thinks that it would be a great idea to roll the yarn to him so he can fall. She attempts this idea of hers and BAM he falls over.
Even though the monster has fallen, all the magical creatures and the princess' try to escape from him because he has stood back up. Now he's running after the princess. As they all try to run and escape from the big and evil monster the princess falls. She is now captured! Now her friends go off for help.
Several hours have past but now her friends have come to the rescue. On addition to all her friends coming to the rescue they bring a soldier for extra help. The pony came to the rescue and brought over a big yarn to knock the monster over. She achieves this and and they all cheer!
Now the princess is free and all her friends are cheering with her. They continue the party and began to celebrate once again.
As they are celebrating the soldier gives an eerie look throughout the whole time. Next thing you know, he shoots her in the eye. She is now dead. The end.


Created with images by PIRO4D - "floral flowers leaves"

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