Zika by: JAylin mcclanahan

  • The Zika Virus is a viral disease, that is transmitted by mosquitos.
Zika Virus

Symptoms Include: fever, rash, joint pain, headache, muscle tension, conjunctivitis (red eyes), birth defects.

It primarily effects the offspring of the person who has contracted the disease...it causes hearing and sight defects as well as impaired growth and microcephaly (a severe brain defect that causes the brain to be much smaller in size and not develop correctly).

Infant that has been affected by Zika

There is currently no vaccine or medication available to treat Zika, but scientists are continually working to find a cure.

The virus is most common in hotter areas below the equator such as, Uganda and other African countries, the South Pacific Islands, Mexico and Southeast Asia. There are a few cases in the United States, this occurs when travelers contract the virus while out of the country.

Blue=affected areas


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