Photoshop Portfolio NAthan Smith

CD Cover

This CD cover was inspired by the game DMC, Devil May Cry. The in game soundtrack is provided by the two bands on the cover with the list of their songs on the back. The design of the shapes is followed onto the back along with the gradients applied to give the cover its look, along with some very feint painting of white and a different shade of red to give it some of the design/texture. I went with red because of in the game he wears a red pendant around his neck given to him by his mother. The red and black represents the "devil inside him" and the white is for his hair and being angelic.


"Kaboom" - collage

I wasn't really sure what inspired this. I suppose I was just thinking of WMDs and was like, hey, this would look cool. There is really not much deep meaning to it, other than that at some point the world will end due to some tragedy. I used a combination of gradients overlaying each other to give it this look along with a nuke symbol. I also added different effects, along with the gradients, to really give it it's look. The "KABOOM" in the middle was inspired by Call of Duty Zombies when a nuke was dropped, and then a voice narrates "kaboom". As for the background of the collage, I was debating on whether or not I wanted a cityscape or just some peaceful nature. I chose the nature because it looks nicer and the colors worked well with each other.


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