Impact Report for our Loyal Friends January - December 2020

Continuing to fullfil our mission:

To forge partnerships and develop innovative programs to reduce animal shelter admissions and end euthanasia as a form of population control.

2020 was a year like no other.

It forced challenges upon every individual, causing isolation, loss, devastation, heart ache, and suffering.
It also brought about opportunity. Moments demonstrating empathy, compassion, perseverance, and a chance for everyday people to shine as heroes.

The IHA team, volunteers, supporters, and clients are my heroes.

  • Stacy Dykema - Executive Director
  • Zenley - Executive Dog

IHA Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic

Dr Jennifer Doll and Dr Samantha Sanford
Performed 9170 surgeries in 2020
  • 2071 dogs
  • 6902 cats
  • 193 bunnies
Administering additional services
  • 12,119 vaccines administered
  • 2,358 microchips inserted
Prepping for surgery
  • Open for business 229 days
  • Averaged 36.3 surgeries per day

Animal Alliance Network

Designed to facilitate unconditional positive regard among animal welfare organizations, to respect each organizational mission, recognize their strengths and maximize vital resources.

Perspective adopter at Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control
  • 36 Shelter and Rescue partners that use our services
  • 2,327 surgery patients are shelter and rescue animals
  • 26% of annual surgeries overall service shelters and rescues
Truman of Dogs Forever

IHA Pet Food Pantry

Acquired the IHA Pet Food Pantry in February to provide low-cost pet food and supplies to our rescue and shelter partners.

  • 86 participating recipient organizations
  • Received 8 semi loads to distribute
  • Distributed 158,370 pounds of pet food and supplies
  • Distributed 12,240 pounds of litter

Transport Van

Our van enables us to transport shelter and owned animals from a remote destination to our clinic for surgery and return them back the following day.

  • 781 animals transported for spay and neuter services

Love for Pets

Providing pet owners in under-served neighborhoods with the resources necessary to keep their pets safe, healthy, happy, and in their home.

  • 70 pets were examined and received services
  • 132 vaccines were provided
  • 55 pets were spayed/neutered

Spay Iowa Program

State-wide referral program that links individuals and communities to affordable spay/neuter resources within their region.

  • Averaging 1,160 web hits each month
  • 31 referral programs that clients can be directed to for assistance

Designed to provide individuals with the necessary resources to practice humane effective Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) tactics for community cats.

  • 43% of all cats spayed or neutered were community cats
  • 2,951 community cats were spayed or neutered at our clinic

IHA Board of Directors

  • George Hospodarsky
  • Pamela Agan
  • Teri Vaassen
  • Bill Satkamp
  • Patti Rogers-Engelby
  • Brynn Sujlin

Our volunteers are exceptional and essential!

45 active volunteers served 690 hours

Painting a Brighter Future Together

Comprehensive Campaign

Our goal is to raise one million dollars by December of 2022, enabling us to expand every aspect of our organization in order to continue to meet the needs of our community.

Completed. $450,000 raised to expand our clinic.
The finished product
New lobby

Take a virtual tour of our new clinic!


Amplifying our impact to expand our life-saving programs to save more lives.

  • Purchasing a new transport van to serve more remote locations
  • Increasing our commitment to pet owners living in under-resourced neighborhoods
  • Reducing barriers for community cat caretakers
  • Implementing wellness services for our rescue partners

Guarantee sustainability to secure a future for Iowa Humane Alliance, the animals they serve, and the people who care for them.

Phase I - Loyal Friends

  • Joe and Pamela Agan
  • Jeanne Allbaugh
  • James Beranek
  • Cliff Haley and Margaret Carrel
  • Carolyn Collingwood
  • Laurie Crawford
  • Eleanor and Thomas Dvorchak
  • Steve Griffith
  • Haars Farm
  • Julester Haste
  • Jean and Paul Hoppenrath
  • Lois James
  • Rhonda Kekke
  • Catherine Keys-Andreys
  • The Kirby Family
  • Leslie Margolin
  • Connie and Glenn Maze
  • Deb and John Ockenfels
  • Ann Rude
  • Delores Sedlacek
  • Jennifer Skarda
  • Jean Walker
  • John McLaughlin and Trish Wasek

Animal Allies

  • Lori and Ben Arbuckle
  • Randy and Michele Aschbrener
  • Pam and David Cook
  • David Giebler
  • Janna Girardi and Matt Hesse
  • Lisa Goodell Fraley
  • Calista and George Hospodarsky
  • Mark and Lindsey McDermott
  • Kalynnda and Carol Rivermoon
  • Bill and Barb Satkamp
  • Mary Trachsel and Leslie Margolin
  • Chris Whitmore

Business, Grant, and Foundation Friends

  • Animal Relief Foundation Trust
  • Best Friends Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant
  • Cedar Run Boarding and Day Care
  • Chesapeake Central Equestrian LLC
  • Hall-Perrine Foundation
  • The Heartland Mitzvah Fund
  • The Houston Fund for IHA Clinic Expansion of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
  • Hy-Vee
  • Leash on Life
  • Miccio Foundation
  • Petco Spay/Neuter Intake Diversion Grant
  • That One Cupcake Place
  • Zio Johno's Italian Restaurant


Demonstrating transparency
Total of $1,082,000
Total of $559,700
Total of $370,000
Total of $360,100

Total of $323,500 for Phase I - Building Expansion Project

Painting a Brighter Future Together Campaign

Total of $583,010 as of December 2020

Our success is made possible by people like you!

Thanks a million!

Team IHA