Questioning Our Leaders By: Aneela

Questioning our leaders helps us feel better with if we have a reliable and effective leader. A leader could be anyone. It could be your parents, celebrities, prime minister/president, teachers, you, me, anyone.

It is important to question our leaders so we are sure about these things:

- To make sure they are doing their jobs right

- They are serving

- They are advocating

- To improve them

- So we can hold them accountable

- To question whether or not they are effective

- To question whether or not they are reliable

- To make sure they are leading us to make good and safe decisions.

An example of who some people consider a leader would be Donald Trump, but many do not consider him a leader since they don’t think he meets all of the requirements that were listed earlier to be a good leader. His actions are another thing that add onto why people do not think he is a good leader. It makes you question whether or not people questioned him before voting for him.

They prefer Barack Obama since they think he does meet everything that is required and also since he did a great job keeping their country sustainable for 8-9 years. To add onto that, he did not do anything to disgrace gender groups, age groups or just anyone in general.

Another example of who people consider a leader would be parents. They are considered leaders because they are the ones that lead you into the person that you are today and teach you the right things. They teach you how to be nice, caring, safe, etc. They teach you how to become leaders yourself. What you get from them, you will use to raise your kids.

One last example of a leader would be students. Students could be leaders because some students like to take charge. Like when they are in groups, there is always this one kid who wants to get the work done so they assign parts of the work to all the other kids to do so everyone has an equal amount and is doing something. Some students behave well and good good marks so they set an example to other students. Other kids might get inspired to become like them since the want to do good in school so they ask those students for help.

Leaders serve and advocate. They will help people in any way they can. Some of them might help suggest ideas to make something better. At home you could suggest to use less electricity or water. If you have problems in your family like for example you guys keep getting mad at each other for the smallest things, you could always suggest to make it stop and that if no one stops, you will have to sign up for an anger management class. That will get them to stop since they will not want to go to anger management class.

Leaders make a difference

If it is at school, you could make clubs that you know people want to start but some might think it is too much work to get going. You could do it for them. Encourage people to create a foundation at school and get people to support it.

There are many ways to advocate and when you donate to a charity that is serving.

Some of our greatest leaders do these things which make them great leaders.

They have to be trustworthy. If they are not trustworthy then they are not good leaders. We can not listen to someone who lies. They need to be serious about things too. If they take everything as a joke then people might do the wrong thing or think they know nothing then they will not be known as a good leader anymore.

They are taking their job seriously

If they are helping us make good decisions then that is going to go into being trustworthy. We can not trust or listen to someone who is going to lead is doing something bad or unsafe. They need to be able to guide us to do the right thing and something that could possibly not end our lives.

If they are effective, then that means that people actually follow or listen to them and do good things. They might inspire someone to do something big that would be a huge benefit for everyone.

Reliable leaders would be the same things as trustworthy leaders.

We question leaders to help them improve. If we find things that they are not doing right or having some problems with, we could inform them on that and help them make it better. They could look at other leaders and see what those leaders are doing that they are not. That would be a huge help towards them. Anyone could be a leader to them so they would learn from those people.

Those were all reasons why we should be questioning or leaders more and/or better. Now you now how to make better observations when deciding if someone is a good/effective leader or not.

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