Often doodling on a paper, or sketching in her notebook, Hannah Canterbury is a Graphic Communication and Design student at Old Colony Regional Vocational Techincal Highschool. Currently a Junior in 2017. Her talents consist of creative drawings and writing. Her goals are to pursue herself as a graphic designer and create motion pictures and animation in college for the future.

Cool Science Illustration about snowshoe hares and climate change
Photoshop Illustration, 18x12 of Jyugo from Nanbaka
Fan-art illustration of characters from my hero academia in Illustrator
Psychology of color project. Drawn with photoshop.
Drawings and sketches of characters from various cartoons
Illustrations from various cartoons and animations.
Fanart of Hide from Tokyoghoul and a portrait of Christopher Conde
CupCake Company flyer design done in Adobe InDesign
Live Work Homecoming poster design in using Adobe Illustrator
Before and after photoshop project to restore photo
Finished Logo Design for Limpet's water gardens

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