Energising Enthusiasts On and Around the Water

Asking how we encourage more people to put more energy into enriching lives on and around the water...

So how do we encourage more people to put more energy in to enriching lives on & around the water?

Enthusiasts are enriching lives on and around the water all over the place - through family connections - through networks of ordinary, everyday enthusiasts - through the passion we see in forums & on social media - and increasingly around campaigns like Clear Waters Clear Access.

Those who put energy in shape the future - and they will shape it their way, around them, no matter what anyone else does - but a visionary British Canoeing determined to really bring meaning to "Stronger Together" would exist entirely for those who are changing our world.

Closing the gap between those inside British Canoeing & those sitting beyond isn't hard - it just needs a focus on doing the simple things well to shape a motivational environment in which those on the outside might feel inclined to move in directions which make it easier for us to make connections.

So how do we have an impact on motivational environments?

Is Energising Enthusiasts around campaigns the answer?

on its own? No...

...but alongside much else, connecting up those who are passionate it can and will inspire!

connecting with enthusiasts

Let's start with people!

  1. Pioneers and Passion Networks - Connecting & Supporting Projects & Initiatives
  2. #TheAnswerIsYes Campaigners – Working to Sustain Curiosity
  3. #ClearAccessClearWaters / #ShareTheSpace Champions – Changing the Game
  4. #AsManyAsPossible4AsLongAsPossible Network - Keeping the Focus on the Journey
  5. #YoungPaddleAmbassadors – Junior Enthusiasts Doing What They Do Best
  6. Young Pioneers– on Talent Pathways as Innovators & Influencers
  7. “Friends” Groups – Fostering Links With & Within Informal Sector Networks
  8. Mental Health Champions - Connecting Us All Into Providing Support
  9. Regional Energisers – Inspiring Curiosity, Connecting Enthusiasts
  10. The Conclave – Joining Up Thinking Within & Beyond British Canoeing

Respect - Inspire - Connect - Nurture - SUPPORT


Connecting & Supporting Projects & Initiatives

  • Noticing those who are doing great things through #LocalConnections
  • Shifting priorities to get help where it's most valued as a #ResponsiveNGB
  • Using #TheStoriesWeBoatBy to celebrate what keeps us all motivated & engaged

"The Answer Is Yes" Campaigners

Working to Sustain Curiosity

  • #EverydayMythBusting workshops – Challenging the Stories Which Bind Us
  • Inspiring connections for exploration around #BroadeningHorizons
  • Promoting grass roots based #RoomForImprovement stories through #BetterMedia

New Clear Access, Clear Waters & Share-The-Space Champions

Changing the Game

  • Celebrating inspiring "norms" of great practice on and around waterways
  • Building engagement & campaign capacity through inspiring initiatives & #BetterMedia
  • Maximising impact and influence through #LocalConnections, catchment partnerships, etc.

"As Many As Possible for As Long As Possible" Networks

Keeping our focus on the journeyS

  • #ManyPathways campaign inspiring curiosity around potential next steps
  • Projects connecting talent programme enthusiasts with wider networks
  • #SayNoToEarlySpecialisation success celebrated through #BetterMedia

Young Paddle Ambassadors

Junior enthusiasts doing what they do best

  • Using #BetterMedia to inspire others in their journeys through paddlesport
  • Leading by example in Junior Networks for riving running, surf, sea kayak, DofE, etc.
  • Championing initiatives like #SmallerBoats4SmallerPaddlers & fronting campaigns

young Pioneers

on Talent Pathways as Innovators & INfluencers

  • Inspiring, noticing, caring about & supporting #YoungPaddleAmbassadors
  • Supported through talent pathways into volunteering, leading, coaching & club roles
  • On exchange programme with other sports / pastimes (including internationally)

“Friends” Groups

fostering links with & within informal sector networks

  • #BeyondOurClubs Events - Connecting enthusiasts who #ShareThePassion
  • Friends groups "hosting" specific informal sector groups (partnership working)
  • Behind the scenes support for informal sector groups through Friends groups

Mental Health Champions

connecting us all into providing support

  • Putting Therapeutic Journeying on the map
  • Showcasing great work through a new #BetterMedia Film School
  • Inspiring projects through partnerships between clubs & charities

Regional energisers

Inspiring Curiosity, Connecting Enthusiasts

  • Regional Ambassadors for everything from #ShePaddles through #ShareTheSpace to Heritage
  • Regional "The Answer is Yes" Networks - Connecting Enthusiasts to Open Opportunities
  • Regional Guide Awards for Local Influencers who Inspire and #ShareThePassion

THe conclave

Joining up thinking within & Beyond British Canoeing

  • Valued influencers who are in the loop & on the ground - shaping a responsive NGB
  • In working groups & keeping BC true to participation philosophy
  • Leveraging British Canoeing muscle around independent networks

Where next?

The starting point for everything here is an earlier presentation: Enriching Lives - On & Around The Water