Good Life Perfomance Zane Vliegenthart

The Spatial Experience

After finding my way to the Constans Theatre in the Reitz, I was actually very impressed. The theatre was small, but had an impactful feeling to it. Just as the Reitz is very new and modern, it was clear that the no expense had been spared on the creation of this theatre. My friend and I got a seat very close to the stage, and this was a big reason why I really enjoyed the show. Being close to the stage, it almost felt like you were apart of the show. The actor's facial emotions and voices were easily visible and clear respectively. This helped me see the the characters and better understand how the actors turned into their roles in the play. Place gives you perspective as it relates to the good life. As Siddhartha experienced both extremes of poverty and wealth, our places in life dictate how we view ourselves and the world around us. It is important to realize that we all have preconceived notions about the way in which the world works, but it is our duty to try and see things from varied perspectives.

Outside the Theatre Before Performance

The Social Experience

Before attending the performance, I got ready at my dorm and met up with my friend Sunil. We went out to eat in Midtown before the performance. Afterwards, we headed over to Constans Theatre to get a seat for the performance. Going with a good friend definitely enhanced the experience. We discussed what we thought of the performance during the intermission and after the performance was over. Not to mention, it was nice to meet some of the other people who were at the performance. We sat next to some people who were very friendly and we talked to them before the show started. Having good friends and family in your life is crucial to the good life. There are a lot of people who have tons of money and possession but they lack friends who actually care for them. Your close friends and your family make up a support network that allow you to succeed after failure knocks you down.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Outside the Theatre After the Show

The play featured people that had internal conflicts because their dreams didn't match their life. The rich young minister had dreams of being a writing plays based on the struggles of the poor. It just so happened that the newest member of the brotherhood came from the struggles of the lower class. On the other hand, the poorer brother just wanted to please his family and take care of them for their sacrifices, but he didn't want to be a man of god. This is very typical of today's society where there are countless expectations placed on people from young ages. This is very dangerous because people need to be able to think for themselves and find what they really love to do. I can't even imagine doing a job or living your life everyday doing something that you hate because it is what you were "supposed" to do. Also, it was clear in the play that the people of the small Canadian town were obsessed with the actress. This is also typical of our society where people are living in the small moments of fame rather than focusing on actual accomplishment.

The Emotional Experience

There is no doubt in my mind that this play was made to show society its faults. On one hand, you have people freaking out over a famous actress coming into town instead of tending to their responsibilities. One of the older brother's points this out to the rich young man, but he does not see the logic in it. Not to mention, this actress is very self absorbed and focused on the material things in life. She seems to care more about her show selling out and the shoes she will wear then how she treats her staff. Also, the play features the poorer young man's family's life at the factory during the early 1900s. This was a time when child labor, dangerous work conditions, and overworking laborers was not uncommon. It exposed this gruesome time and forced the audience to reflect on how far we have come since then. It is the advances in worker's right and labor laws that have eliminated these types of jobs from our workforce. It is my belief that the creator of this play wanted people to reflect on behavior that was once seen as acceptable.

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