How Kate changed in the book By Hayes Johnson

At the start of the book Kate was kind and thoghtfull. "Whenever Katherine Barlow bought onions, she bought an extra one or two and would let Mary Lou eat them out of her hand."(Sachar:1998)

In the middle of the book some people including Trout Walker burned down the school house that Kate Barlow loved. When people were burning the school house down, she went to tell the sheriff. The sheriff told her they were going to hang Sam because Sam wasn't allowed to kiss her. She went and helped Sam get in his boat to row away, but Trout Walker's boat caught up to Sams boat and someone on Trout's boat shot Sam.

By the time Kate died, she was a feared outlaw because she robbed people and killed them. She was called kissing Kate because when she killed people she kissed them.


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