Walden West Field Class By: Alyssa

Walden West Field Class

Field Class at Walden West was very fun. We learned lots of things and saw lots of animals.

We saw about 20 deer in all which was really cool. Also we saw some banana slugs. When we went on one of our hikes, we saw a pond with lots of tiny tadpoles in it. And throughout our hikes, we stopped to look at some newts. I liked seeing all of the animals on our hikes!

During our hikes, we stopped to look at trees, plants, animals, and other things. One day at field class, Otter our field instructor stopped and picked up an object laying by the trail that looked like a cross between a log and a mushroom. He passed it around to us and we had to try to guess what it was. Lots of people said that it looked like a mushroom. And we were right! I enjoyed doing that.

One of my favorite things that we did during the whole trip was the night hike. During the night hike, it was very dark. But in about 10 minutes, we could see perfectly fine because our eyes got used to the darkness. During our hike, we went inside a circle of redwoods. Otter told us that they formed a circle because one redwood once was in the center of the circle, and when it died, its seeds scattered around it in a circle and now they are the redwoods we were standing by. Also during the night hike, my favorite thing about it was doing the partner hike where Otter went ahead and left candles for us to follow in parters. Me and and my friend Laila were partners and we completed the partner hike together!

Hiking in Field Class and playing games was one of my favorite things we did at Walden West! It was an awesome experience that I miss and will never forget!

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