The way I believe that Otzi died was by... By: Jaden 7A

Today, I am going to talk about Otzi and what challenges he faced in his life. Otzi The Iceman, is a man from Hauslabjoch and he is a mummy. He was hunter in the prehistoric time period. He was discovered on September 19, 1991 in Tirol Italy. He was found in the mountain range of Italy's border and Austria's border. Italy is in the continent Europe. He had faced a lot of injuries because of the constant melting water flow. His body remained intact due to the frozen ice that surrounded his body. The time he lived was between 3350 and 3100 BCE. We know this because the scientists discovered that the iceman was alive some 5,000 years ago. A thing that was so special about him was his corpse were perfectly frozen in the ice. Something you may not know about him is that he had 61 tattoos. I have never seen anyone with 61 tattoos before. His axe was important because it was a symbol of rank, it was also made in time period of 3000 BCE.

The moment that you have been waiting for, it is time for my to tell you how he died in my point of view and other scientists. The theory I believe that Otzi had died was from getting stabbed while trying to defend himself. I am thinking this way because he had two wounds to his right wrist. I also think that he also died from getting shot with an arrow in his left shoulder, also from getting bruises and cuts on his hands and chest. Last but not least, I think he may have died from getting shot with flint arrow heads. He also experienced tons of physical injuries to his head. For example, he suffered blow to the head and he must had felt really dizzy at the time. There could be a chance he died from these injuries too because they are all very painful and his head could feel very stressful at times. Otzi’s wrist showed that he was stabbed while trying to defend himself with a short knife and a pointed and edged blade against an attacker. A recent claim that Otzi may have been a human sacrifice. Instead, he may have have been a soldier who fought hard to try to save his life. Otzi died at the age of 45 years old and he died 5,300 years ago. Just to let you know, I came to this conclusion because Otzi had stab wounds and he faced a lot of injuries in his life. Thank you for reading my Otzi project and this is what I truly believe on how Otzi had died and how his injuries shifted towards his death.


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