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Our Business is Entertainment

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Tenth Child Inc. is the plug for rising entertainers and established musicians. Our core mission is to 'Bring Your Dreams' to life through artist development, brand management, product development and promotions. Our company is equipped with winning knowledge and experience to bring your ideas forward and establish your brand in the marketplace. Both amateur and master musicians and executives have found support through our resources, relationships, and expertise. We are at the center of where to begin and just before you take off. We look forward to serving our community no matter where an idea originates. Our Business is Entertainment!

Our Story

Our company was founded by our CEO, Faith Anderson in July 2012. She is a southern girl with a global mind and a passion for creatives. Her entry into the Entertainment Business began while recording as a supporting vocalist with Grammy Award Winning artist, Kirk Franklin. She has had the pleasure of recording each album with Franklin since the Rebirth of Kirk Franklin album. From this relationship Faith has had the honor of recording on platinum selling and multi award winning projects for other artists, film and television. As a result, she has toured the world hoping to complete her third passport while operating in the Entertainment Business.

Tenth Child Inc. is Faith combined with industry experience, solid relationships, live show production, and promotional success. Our brand is aligned with Grammy Award winning artists, engineers, producers, musicians appearing on mainstream TV and Film. We are often recognized for excellence for our clients ranging from celebrity to aspiring. Our company is the connect for creatives! Let's Build Up!

Faith Anderson, Tenth Child Inc. CEO

Our Experience

Tenth Child Inc. has had to the pleasure of taking incredible ideas of master musicians and presenting them to market. Whether it be a live recording, listening exclusive, or premier network gathering, our company is the primary collaboration partner for entertainers in Dallas, Texas gaining national recognition. We have had the awesome pleasure of participating in major productions for iconic brands, major television networks and social networking platforms. Daily operations occur in our office located in Deep Ellum, the pulse of music and arts festivities in the DFW metroplex.

Tenth Child Inc. Executed Events

Tamela Mann Live Recording - Tenth Child Inc. executed event, promotions, stage design and production w/ Tilly Mann Music.

Myron Butler hired Tenth Child Inc. to brand, promote, and execute his inaugural conference. SCORE Songwriters Conference is a gathering specially designed for the songwriter and producer. #SCORE will enhance, educate and empower songwriters and producers with applicable insight and information. In-depth sessions include Songwriting Fundamentals, Music Business, Music Production, Writers in the Round, and many more. Score Songwriters Conference will give participants the opportunity to learn from some of the industry's best.

Tenth Child Inc. Events

Tenth Child Inc. has has the privilege of being consultant for major festivals such as Mega-Fest, SXSW, and Deep Ellum Community of Arts. The demand for our company began shortly after executing a few of our own ideas such as The Living Room, Bella MD, Metrofest and Social Bestie Boot Camp. As a result of our passion for live show performances artists from around the world connect their followers to our stage expanding our network. We continue to grow our audience with the inclusion of new talent who join the cast of The Living Room and providing marketing and promotions services for artists, indie labels, and small businesses in entertainment.

Tenth Child Inc. Events

Our Partnerships


Tenth Child Inc. is A&R for RSVP Records. For artists, the new landscape in entertainment can be daunting. Today’s artist is faced with the task of not only creating and performing but navigating the multitude of internet platforms and social media sites to get the word out. In the past, while the primary role of a ‘record label’ was to market and distribute records, their role was to also help artists by understanding the business of music so an artist can focus on their craft. RSVP Records is honored to partner with extraordinary talent. Our primary objective for our artists is to develop & distribute music worldwide.


Tenth Child Inc. is currently celebrating our 5th anniversary. We represent a diverse group of talent ranging from singers, songwriters, musicians, motivational speakers, and authors headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you for considering Tenth Child Inc. for your Entertainment Business needs. We look forward to serving you!

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