Manifest Destiny Pages 345-367

Rivalry In The Northwest

  1. Four countries had control of the Oregon country.
  2. Was between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Adams-Onis Treaty

  1. Americans wanted control of Oregon just to have a route to the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Spain just gave up it's territory of Oregon.

Mountain Men In Oregon

  1. Fur trading was extremely popular.
  2. Over time mountain men couldn't make a living off of trapping beavers.
  3. Fur traders where the first to challenge living in Oregon country.
This is what a modern day mountain man looks like.
What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty?

They gained land and peace with the Spanish.

Oregon and Manifest Destiny - Marcus and Narcissa Whitman

  1. In the 1830's Americans began traveling to Oregon country to settle.
  2. Oregon's fertile land attracted many settlers.
Marks the area that americans had to travel to settle around the new found continent.

Along The Oregon Trail

  1. The name of the pioneers that took the trail were called emigrants.
  2. In 1843 about a thousand emigrants made the journey.
  3. Would use transportation such as prairie schooners.

America Seeks Its Manifest Destiny

  1. Americans changed there vision in the 1800's.
  2. Many people believed that the nation's mission was to spread freedom.
  3. They thought that they deserved the entire continent, so that they could spread freedom.

Fifty-Four Forty or Fight

  1. Most Americans wanted the entire Oregon area.
  2. Made a slogan to represent the latitude and longitude that they wanted the border of Oregon to be.
  3. In the end the British accept the same latitude that they rejected 21 years ago.
How did Polk's views differ from Clay's in the 1844 election?

Polk wanted to have the entire Oregon area. While Clay did not have any concerns about the boundary.

Statehood For Florida and Texas

Pages 353-357

How did Florida become a state?

Florida did not become a slave state.


  1. Florida was transferred to American territory on July 17, 1821.
  2. When Florida first became part of American territory it couldn't vote.
  3. Was not considered a state when it first joined.
A WEIRD Turtle

The Territory Grows

  1. In 1837, 48,000 people lived in Florida.
  2. Only white man over 21 years old could vote in Florida.
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Statehood For Florida

  1. Florida became a national state on March 3, 1845.
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What caused the population of Florida to grow?

Due to fertile land and great soil for cotton.


  1. In 1821 Mexico won independence from Spain.
  2. At first, Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas.
  3. Mexican and American tensions grew when American refused to follow Mexican laws.
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The Alamo

  1. 180 soldiers fought against several thousand Mexican troops.
  2. The fighting went on for 13 long days.
  3. They had a rally, "Remember the Alamo"!
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Texas Declares Its Independence

  1. Gathered an army of about 900 soldiers.
  2. Set up a temporary government.

The Lone Star Republic

  1. Sam Houston was Texas's first president.
  2. Texas would have to wait to become part of a state due to unbalanced slave states.

Texas Becomes A State

  1. Many Texans wanted to join the United States.
  2. Southerners favored Texas annexation, but Northerners opposed admitting another slave state to the Union.
Why did it take a long time for the United States to annex Texas?

Because of conflicts in the North and South.

War With Mexico

How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico Territory.

Helped boosted trading, which help boost the economy.

The New Mexico Territory

  1. Mexico and New Mexico won there independence in 1821 from the Spanish.
  2. Spain tried to keep the Americans away from the Santa Fe Trail.
  3. William Bracknell was the first American to trade with Mexico via the Santa Fe Trail.
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How did William Backnell influence the American settlement of New Mexico.

He made the Santa Fe Trail an extremely popular trading route for Mexico and the Americans.

California's Spanish Culture

  1. Spanish explorers and missionaries settled in California in the 1700s
  2. The missions aimed to convert Native Americans to Christianity and the Spanish way of life.

Conflict Begins

  1. James K. Polk was determined to get the California and New Mexico territories from Mexico.
  2. Polk planned to get the soon to be states through war.
  3. Relations between the two countries were not friendly.
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A War Plan

  1. Had a plan to take over Mexican territory.
  2. In 1847, Zachary Taylor accomplished the first goal of the war plan.
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California's Uprising

  1. California, before the war, started were starting an uprising.
  2. On Jun 14, 1846 the Americans declared California independent.

Peace Terms

  1. The Americans defeated the Mexicans on February 2, 1848.
  2. Mexico gave up more than 500,000 square miles of territory.
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What did Americans gain from the Mexican War?

They gained 500,000 square miles of land.

California and Utah

How did the discovery of gold help California?

Caused a gold rush, which caused the population of California to explode and grow rapidly.

California Gold Rush

  1. Gold was first found at Sutter's Mill in 1848 in California.
  2. About 80% of forty-niners were American.
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The Californios

  1. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico.
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The Life Of A Forty-Niner

  1. Gold rushers made new communities as they migrated to California.
  2. Cities in California at the time of the Gold Rush flourished.
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Gold Rush Society

  1. The Gold Rush more than doubled the world's supply of gold.
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Economic and Political Progress

  1. The Gold Rush had lasting effects on California.
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How did the California Gold Rush lead to the expansion of cities?

It cause people from all over to move to California to collect gold and hopefully become rich.

A Religious Refuge

  1. While the gold rush was going on, Utah was adopting new religions from around the world.
sorry if you aren't christian.

The Mormons Move On

  1. Joseph Smith published the book "The Book of Mormon".
  2. Smith hoped to use his visions to build an ideal society.
  3. He believed that poverty was common and should be.
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A Haven In The Desert

  1. The Mormon migration began in 1846.
  2. In 1847 the Mormons finally reached the Great Salt Lake.
  3. At first life was difficult for the settlers.
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Why did the Mormons have to keep moving from one place to another?

Because people disapproved of their religion.


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