Archaeology March


John 15:17

  • Seek the best for each other - Davis
  • Love your enemies do them good - Davis
  • Living means putting others needs first - Isaac
  • Help others you help yourself more - Josue
  • LOVE: Love Others Vigorously and energetically - Hilary
  • To live you must love others - Misty
  • Strength/Love is for service not stats - Davis
  • Put others needs before your own - Ash
  • Show love and change a life - Gabs
  • Warm others and stay warm yourself - Davis
  • Put others first before putting yourself - Siyona
  • Give life and forget about yours - Isaac

Blueberry Dig TU9

This month we began a new unit, TU9. We started by placing a cement datum level to the ground and facing North.

We started the unit 16 m North and 5 m east from the datum. From there we made the 2x4 TU9 unit.

After we finished setting up the unit, we clipped the grass and screened the leaf litter.

As we worked we recorded our progress and mapped the site.


Isaac, Diana, Lauren, Ashley, Hilary, Josue, Gabbie, Siyona, Misty

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