Greece a democracy of history

The Parthenon is a former temple, on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece, dedicated to the goddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered their patron.
Epiphany in Greece is known as Theofania or Fota. The first sanctification of the Epiphany (The Enlightenment) takes place in church on the eve of the holiday. Afterwards, the priest goes from house to house holding a cross and a basil branch. As he walks through each house, he uses the basil to sprinkle (bless) all the areas of the home. Then, those who dare - mostly the younger people of the village - jump in the usually icy water and compete in retrieving the cross. The one who brings the cross up to the surface will enjoy good luck and health for the entire year.

While much of the Greek economy is in the tank, the fishing industry is thriving and one of the few sectors with the power to flourish during the economic crisis, according to a report by the financial consulting firm, McKinsey, which showed that over the next 10 years revenues from the industry would increase by 184 percent, to a value of 782 million euros, or nearly $1 billion. That could reduce Greece’s $380 billion debt by $893 million.

Gyro, a pita wrap, with thin slices of rotisserie-roasted marinated meats is one of the world's oldest street foods. Lamb’s head: This is a dish that you have more chances of tasting if you visit Greece for Easter. The lamb’s brain is considered the best part of the head. Another part that is considered a delicacy is the tongue.
The Greek diet is the perfect example of traditional Mediterranean eating. It's based around a variety of colorful and flavorful foods that are high in nutrients and low in animal fats.
Greece is actually the birthplace of Democracy. In the year 507 B.C., the Athenian leader Cleisthenes introduced a system of political reforms that he called demokratia, or “rule by the people.”
Here is one of the sports the Greek people do which includes wrestling, boxing ,running ,swimming ,and football , baseball and soccer.
The fields around the village of Nea Manolada in the Peloponnese were a hive of activity as thousands of immigrant workers picked the strawberries that southern Greece exports across Europe. Now those fields are quiet.
The Athens Medical Association (ISA) warned about major shortages in medical staff over the next years, since an increasing number of Greek doctors, especially those working in highly specialized fields, and nurses are looking for jobs abroad and leaving the country. According to the association’s figures, more than 7,500 doctors have migrated to other countries since 2010.
this is the flag that Greek people serve and follow that they love there country and there flag is different than other country flags and they also like blue a lot because that the country flag color and also they dont like other colors and also like the cross on the flag and also they dont like other colors of the americans flags cause they are bright color and also they are diffent than the other courtys
The Cathedral of Saint Andrew, an intercultural community of faith, commits itself to the kingdom of God and follows the mission that Jesus Christ undertook and revealed to all people. and they cerblate alot of stuff differently as we do
Independence Day also coincides with the religious Feast of the Annunciation, so it is also a religious festival. Orthodox Easter (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter and Easter Monday): Easter is the most important holiday in the Greek Orthodox religion
Slaves, whether boys or girls, also could not go to school, and many children in ancient Athens and Corinth and other Greek cities were slaves. ... Greek schools were small. They had only one teacher and about ten or twenty boys.
t is quite uncommon for a Greek to have a middle name. However, there are some exceptions: ... Why do Greeks look extremely

greek speak differnet than us


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