Ireland By : Caleb warren

Ireland's History

During 8000 B.C. prehistoric people crossed a land bridge to a spot of land now called Ireland.When they evolved, they started to worship the earth as they called themselves celts. When St. Patrick came around he converted them to christianity

At 800 A.D. the Norse, AKA the vikings, came to Ireland and raided the place. Ireland survived the raid and continued on.



In Ireland their sport is called Gaelic Football. Here is how to play.

  • To score points you must punch the ball in between two posts ( like a field goal in American football) or to kick it the goal (like in soccer)
  • You tackle people (like in rugby) to stop the other team from scoring
  • There are only two ways to pass the ball, kick it to another person or punch it from your hand.


In Ireland back then there was constant meat and dairy shortages, so the irish folk usually made vegetarian meals. Also due to their religion their diet made them eat a few kinds of meats. The only meat they were allowed to eat was wild deer and pig.


These are the holidays that ireland celebrate.

  1. St. Patrick's day
  2. Easter
  3. Christmas
  4. New years day
  5. St. Stephen's Day (The day where people celebrate St. Stephen.)


Irish music involves scottish and irish musical instruments. I've listed some below.

  1. Fiddle
  2. flute
  3. bagpipes
  4. banjoe

And more!


Ireland's form of government is Democracy. Here is a picture of Ireland's president.

Ireland's president


Ireland uses euro as their money. Today 1 euro equals 1.50 U.S. dollars.

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