Celebrating 150 APPRECIATION of canada's 150 years

A century and a half of greatness deserves a proper celebration, and there will indeed be upon Canada Day, but for now lets reminisce about the amazing features this country has to offer.

The Food

Being a connoisseur of food the Canadian cuisine holds a special place in my heart. Classic dishes from across the land showing many complex or simple flavors that all have amazing taste. One of the most iconic dishes that originated in Canada is poutine. The dish originated in Quebec in the 1950s and since has taken the country by storm (Furdyke 3). The dish is one of, if not the most known Canadian food item, making automatically associated with Canadian culture. Whenever anyone discusses classic Canadian foods anything from Tim Hortons cannot be left out of the conversation. Expescially the Tim Bit. Many people associate the Tim Bit to be as Canadian as Mouses or maple leafs (Furdyke 4).


Although many despise it, the Canadian weather allows for each individual to experience both extreme hots and colds. There truly is a place for everyone (most of the time). Canada is fortunate enough to have an experience with all four possible seasons. From March to May the excess snow begins to melt and plants start blooming, creating wonderful sceneries. From June to September the temperature rises to a comfortable 20-30 degrees Celsius, allowing for all to engage in summer activities. From the later fall/winter seasons the temperature cools and gives the classic holiday atmosphere (Weather: Four Seasons).


Canada has been the birthplace of many popular musicians, giving the land quite a bit of star power. One of the most popular Canadian stars today is Drake. The Toronto born star (Drake Biography) is a household name and has secured Canada's name in the pop culture industry. Drake had also been able to bring many local Toronto artists to the forefront of fame. A very notable one is The Weeknd. The Toronto born Weeknd (Mead) is another popular that even the most disconnected could recognize.

These features of our land show that Canadians have a unique place in the world. With a rich history and fascinating presence on the modern world. We should celebrate the features of our land and remember that we are indeed an amazing country.

Created By
Karman Purba


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