Alaskan Region Congressional Interest Newsletter - FY2017 - Spring

Message from Regional Administrator Kerry Long

Dear Alaskan Delegation:

Even though there is still snow on the ground, pilots are gearing up for spring and summer flying throughout Alaska. Whether it’s prepping for a checkride, perfecting an instrument approach, or just going out for a proficiency flight, good pilots are consistently learning and fine-tuning their craft. Throughout the flying season, FAA Alaskan Region employees are fully engaged throughout the state to answer questions and “talk shop” with every pilot or member of the flying public.

One of the first events to kick off the flying season is Fairbanks Aviation Day, on May 20. This is an annual event that allows the public to have a peek behind the scenes at the airport to learn how aviation works. In case you didn’t know, July 13, 1913, was the first powered flight in Alaska and it happened in Fairbanks. Today, Fairbanks is a hub for Interior Alaska with planes of all shapes and sizes providing access to the vast roadless regions and serving as vital passenger and supply links to interior communities. The event begins at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast.

The Palmer Fly-in Pancake Breakfast is the next big annual event for the summer and this year we will start flipping pancakes at 7 a.m. on June 3. This event is full of safety seminars, good food and great fun. The Alaskan Regional Management Team do all of the cooking and cleaning up, while our guests enjoy the beautiful views at the Palmer Flight Service Station.

So please join us for these events if your schedule permits. We would love to see you!

Upcoming Aviation Events:

  • April 05: Airport Manager-Airport User Group Meeting (MRI)
  • April 05: Fairbanks Safety Team Survival Seminar
  • April 06: LRSAT (MRI)
  • April 12: FAA Alaska Industry Council (FAIC)
  • April 14: LRSAT (JNU)
  • April 18: LRSAT (ANC)
  • April 19: LRSAT (ADQ)
  • April 20: LRSAT (LHD)
  • April 22: Seaplane Seminar, UAA’s Aviation Technology Building
  • April 24: Fairbanks Safety Team Airworthiness Prep Seminar – Mechanics and Aircraft Owners/Operators
  • April 25: LRSAT (BET)
  • April 27 – May 12: Exercise Northern Edge 17
  • May 03-05: Airport Managers Training Conference hosted by AK DOT&PF
  • May 05: Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Meeting, Anchorage FSDO
  • May 06-07: Great Alaska Aviation Gathering, FedEx Hangar, Anchorage
  • May 10: LRSAT (ENA)
  • May 12-14: Valdez Fly-In & Air Show, Valdez Airport – Pioneer Field
  • May 18: LRSAT (AKN)
  • May 20: Fairbanks Aviation Day
  • June 03: Palmer Fly-In/Pancake Breakfast
  • June 05: LRSAT (FAI)
  • June 08 - 23: Exercise Red Flag – A
  • June 10: Soldotna Airport Fly-In/Pancake Breakfast
  • June 10: Kenai Air Show
  • June 14: FAA Alaska Industry Council (FAIC)
  • July 12: Airport Manager-Airport User Group Meeting (MRI)
  • July 13: Municipal Airports Aviation Advisory Commission Meeting
  • July 27 – August 11: Exercise Red Flag – A

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