Newsletter - Friday 5 March 2021

Whole School News

A Note from our Principal - Mrs Julia Heise

Inclusivity, compassion, excellence – these are some of the values that parents have identified as being core to our school community in the recent parent focus groups. The meaningful discussions and sense of collegiality in these meetings were inspiring to me and reinforced the knowledge that we, as parents and staff, have much common ground in what we desire for our students. In the next two weeks a survey will be sent to you to vote on the final four values that will guide our school.

Speaking of inclusivity, we will be participating in Harmony Day on March 19. This is an Australia wide initiative that celebrates cultural diversity and students are encouraged to wear their cultural dress on that day and donate a gold coin for charity. Our Student Representative Council will be involved in running events on the day in collaboration with the Chaplains and Year 10 Invictus students.

NAPLAN - Parent Information

In Term 2, students Australian wide, in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will participate in the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. Wahroonga Adventist School will participate in the NAPLAN Online assessment, the testing window opens on Tuesday 11 May and closes on Friday 21 May 2021. Please provide your child with a set of headphones for the testing period.

Students with disability may qualify for adjustments that reflect the support normally provided for classroom assessments and families will be contacted by Learning Enrichment shortly with the application form.

Families are able to view the types of questions and related functionalities available in the NAPLAN Online assessment at nap.edu.au/online-assessment/public-demonstration-site.

For more information about NAPLAN Online testing, visit the link. https://www.nap.edu.au/docs/default-source/resources/naplan-online-information-brochure-for-parents-and-carers.pdf or contact Mr StMart.

Wahroonga Adventist School Facebook Page

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Calendar of Upcoming School Events

You can access the list of upcoming School events via the link below. The School Calendar is also available under the Parent Information tab on the School website.

Term Dates for 2021

Please click on the link below to view the school term dates and public holiday information for 2021.

Chaplains' News

WOW! We are already halfway through term 1, how crazy is that.

We have had an excellent start to the school year, and it has been so awesome getting to know our new students and continuing to connect with our returning students. Eased covid restrictions meant we could say goodbye to online chapel and get back to gathering all together to worship. This has been such a positive experience for students and staff, as they missed the community engagement aspect of chapel. We have had a huge response to students wanting to get involved with chaplaincy, and it’s so awesome to serve alongside these students who are keen to be involved and serve God with their talents.

Our theme for 2021 is “look again” - 2 Corinthians 5:7, and this term we have been challenging students to imagine the life that God wants for us. We want our students to know how God sees us, that He wants the very best for our lives, and that his plan for our lives is perfect.

We pray that this next week is one of blessings, and joy for your family, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our chaplaincy team if there is anything you wanted to talk about or have prayed for.

Blessings, The Chaplains

School News - Years P to 6

A Note From Mrs Anne-Marie Deppeler

It was very exciting to announce our Year 4 Prefects for 2021 earlier this week at Assembly. This year there were nearly 30 capable students who expressed an interest in wanting to be a prefect and take on a leadership role. I was inspired by the high level of desire amongst the students to want to make a difference and be involved in our school. New additional opportunities to take on leadership responsibility will be presented to the students in the coming weeks to allow these students to shine.

This week our Year 1-4 students participated in the Day of Worship. Students watched a pre-recorded show and created some treasure chest. Thank you to our Chaplains for creating this special program for our students. Our Chapel Mascot, Stirling went on another adventure this week and visited 1K. He was so proud sitting out the front of the classroom watching all the students work. I wonder where he will visit next time?

This last week we also saw our Year 3-6 students demonstrate their skills in the pool. It was very pleasing to hear student’s words of encouragement throughout the event. Recognition of those who achieved a high standard in the pool was provided during a special assembly where certificates and trophies were handed out. Well done everyone who participated to make this event special.


Primary School House Captains and Vice Captains

A huge congratulations to our Primary School House Captains and Vice Captains for 2021!!

Hunter Captains: Ishaan and Jasmine - Hunter Vice Captains: David and Isabel

Phillip Captains: Thomas and Sarah - Phillip Vice Captains: Micah and Neve

Primary School Swimming Carnival - Years 3 to 6 - Wed 24 February

Primary School Sport

  • Tuesday 9 March - Paul Kelly AFL Cup - This week Years 5 and 6 began their training in preparation for the upcoming Paul Kelly AFL Cup. They had two sessions, one with Mr Hurst on Wednesday morning and another with Joel Cousens on Thursday who conducted drills and a small match with the group of boys.
  • Thursday 18 March - Adventist Schools Basketball Year 5 and 6 Gala Day - There will be two training sessions next week, the first session will be on Monday afternoon between 3:00pm and 3:40pm and the second will occur on Wednesday morning between 8:00am and 8:40am. These sessions are not compulsory, but it would be great to see the attendance of all those involved.
  • Monday 15 March - CIS Girls Football (Soccer) - If your child plays soccer in a team outside of school and you would like them to participate, please contact Mr Hurst as soon as possible at nathan.hurst@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au.

Our congratulations go to Sasha Clague who has been recently selected to participate in a CIS Basketball Team. You have our prayers and sincere wishes for a great day ahead.


School News - Years 7 to 12

A Note from Mr Michael St Mart

It has been an exciting time; after being restricted for so long in 2020, students have had the opportunity to participate in chapels & assemblies, sports gala days, excursions and in the last fortnight, Primary and Secondary swimming carnivals.

Thankfully, school is not just a place where students go to passively listen to the teacher in the classroom and then return home. School is a rich and rewarding environment, but too often students are comfortable to sit on the sidelines while life passes them by.

Non-participation is too often the unwritten rule: not wanting to go outside the box, not asking questions, not taking part in the excursion, not attending a camp, not intervening in a social situation for fear of being judged by other students; they follow the group without wanting to question themselves and not wanting to go against the flow.

As parents and carers have you been empowering your children to not participate? Giving them permission to stay home and sit on the sidelines? Offering them alternatives or arming them with excuses so they don’t have to attend or participate?

While I have written previously about a desire where all students and parents have a sense of belonging at Wahroonga, I also want parents and students to be ‘all in’, actively participating and making the most of the opportunities provided.

“You only get out what you put in, don’t expect more until you do more” Unknown

With the upcoming events over the next fortnight, there are opportunities for all students to be involved. I look forward to hearing the amusing stories and hilarious events that unfold, seeing students grow in confidence and form strong social bonds with peers.

So this is my challenge... participate. Move beyond your comfort zone, step outside the box, be curious, leave a track that others can be inspired by, take part in the life of the school and create lasting memories.

The starting point to participating is deciding to say “yes”. What will you do with the next opportunity?

Year 7 Transition

As Year 7 settle into high school there are a number of initiatives that support their transition. We believe it is important for students to create horizontal connections with each other in their year group and vertical connections with students in other year groups.

For example, Year 10 students made and served breakfast to Year 7’s as part of the Invictus program that focuses on serving others. Year 11 students are Peer Support buddies for Year 7’s and it is great to see our older students being willing to act as a mentor for the Year 7’s.

Programs such as these benefit the older students in developing leadership skills and younger students in developing connections with older students who know what the school journey ahead will be like.

Peer Support

Peer Support continued this week with Year 7 students working in their teams in a fun competition and then having ‘check-in’ conversations with their Year 11 Peer Leaders. Next week Year 7 head off to camp where they will be involved in more team building activities and challenges.

High School Swimming Carnival - 18 February

On the 18th of February we had our High School Swimming Carnival. It was a fantastic day filled with competition, comradery and of course, swimming! Fast swimming, loud cheering, a dance off and a fashion parade were just a few of the highlights throughout the day. A massive congratulations to all the Age Champions and Runner Ups! We also had a large number of records broken throughout the day, well done! Philip won with a total of 1231 points, beating Hunter who accumulated 869 points. Thank you to our House Leaders who motivated and encouraged us throughout the day, our teachers, who worked tirelessly to ensure the carnival ran smoothly, and finally, to our participants! Until 2022!

Encouragement Award: Harriet (Year 7) and Christian (Year 12)

CSSA Cricket Gala Day - 1 March 2021

On Monday we attended the CSSA Cricket Gala Day, and with a team of 11 keen players and Mr Dunne as our coach, we all had the chance to display and extend our skills. Our first game of the day was a comprehensive victory over Norwest Christian College, we batted first and scored 108 runs after our 15 overs, headlined by William’s powerful 38 not out and supportive innings from Nic (21) and Parth (20 not out). Skilful bowling from Nathanael (2 wickets), Jayden (1 wicket) and their supporting cast saw Norwest dismissed for 54, and we were on the board for the day. Our second and final game was against the championship favourites Pacific Hills, and after their fantastic batting display we were set a mammoth total of 143 runs to win. A gutsy team batting effort saw us fall just short in the end, but it was great to see everyone contributing and learning along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was a great chance to represent our school.

Billy Jameson

Maths News

Maths Help Club

If you are in Years 7-12 and would like some help with maths assessments or homework, Maths Help Club runs every Wednesday lunch in GLA 2. Come and ask a question!

Maths Newsletter Challenge

Well done to Anthony (8W), Ivan (8W), Angad (11W) and Fraser (11W) for correctly solving the previous newsletter challenge. Remember to include your name and all working out when submitting solutions. Keep up the good work!

  • Junior Winner – Anthony (8W)
  • Senior Winner – Angad and Fraser (11W – a combined effort!)

Worked solutions for this week’s challenge can be submitted to the office in the Maths Challenge post box and Junior and Senior winners will be drawn from the correct entries.

Entries close Friday 12th March

NSW Youth Advisory Council 2021 – Applications Now Open

Applications are open for the NSW Youth Advisory Council 2021. Children and young people between 12-24 years of age living in NSW are encouraged to apply. Council members are sought from diverse locations, backgrounds and life experiences. The 12 member YAC advises the NSW Government on subjects relevant to young people across the state. Applications close 14 March, 2021.

More information on the NSW Youth Advisory Council as well as application forms are available here www.acyp.nsw.gov.au.

Student Spotlight - Year 12 - 2021

Meet Billy...

How long have you been at Wahroonga? - Since Prep, so 13 years.

What subjects are you studying in your HSC? - English Advanced, English Extension, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension, Physics, Chemistry, Modern History, Business Studies.

What’s your greatest life achievement so far (either in school or out)? - I have been awarded Dux for the last 4 years in a row and I was recently voted School Captain. I also placed 3rd at CIS athletics where I jumped 181cms in high jump.

What career would you like to do once you leave school? - Professional cricket player but if that doesn’t pan out then I’m aiming for a high enough ATAR to open up as many opportunities as possible for myself.

Favourite excursion? Art Express in Year 10 to the Art Gallery to see the Year 12 major work exhibit.

Meet Amy...

How long have you been at Wahroonga? - I started here at the beginning of Year 10 so just over 2 years.

What subjects are you studying in your HSC? - Modern History, Biology, PDHPE, Standard English and Human Services through TAFE (TVET Nursing).

What’s your greatest life achievement so far (either in school or out)? - Being voted School Vice-Captain 2020, after only being here for 9 months, and also being selected for the first U-16 girls Rugby League team on the North Shore.

What career would you like to do once you leave school? - Something to do with Nursing in the armed forces.

Favourite excursion? Going to see the HSC drama performances.

Meet Mason...

How long have you been at Wahroonga? I started in the middle of Year 6 so nearly 6 years.

What subjects are you studying in your HSC? Maths Advanced, English Advanced, Chemistry, Physics and Industrial Technology. I dropped Korean at the end of Year 11.

What’s your greatest life achievement so far (either in school or out)? I have had some really good results in athletics, mostly track, up to state levels.

What career would you like to do once you leave school? Probably a job in Business or Science or something combining the two.

Favourite excursion? Year 8 camp to the Royal National Park.

Meet Mayble...

How long have you been at Wahroonga? The first time I came to Wahroonga was in Year 4, I left and then I came back in Year 7, so that’s 7 years in total.

What subjects are you studying in your HSC? Advanced English, Mathematics Standard, Biology, Modern History, Visual Arts and History Extension.

What’s your greatest life achievement so far (either in school or out)? I have grown closer to God as an Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and I feel like He has helped me during struggling times.

What career would you like to do once you leave school? I would like to be a Primary School teacher or work in the creative industry where I can use my skills in art.

Favourite excursion? When I went to Luna Park with my friends for Stormco in Year 10.

Co-curricular Program

The co-curricular programs are going strong with many students enjoying a variety of clubs throughout the week.

Last Friday we had over 50 students from Prep to Year 6 participate in our AFL program conducted by AFL NSW. The students were divided into three groups based on grades and taught the skills for kicking with fun little rhymes including ‘laces to faces, nose to toes, robot arms and ballet toes’ handballing and kicking goals like Buddy Franklin.

Other co-curricular programs to watch out for:

  • A New Dance Lesson – Senior Lyrical – Tuesdays from 3:40pm till 4:30pm – for more information contact danceelementstudios@gmail.com
  • Coding Camp - For more information on the Coding Camp being run by "Codecamp" at School this holidays click here.

Library News

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge website (https://online.det.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.htm) is now active for the 2021 challenge. On this website you can read about the challenge, check the rules and regulations, view the extensive book lists, read the privacy policy and access your child’s reading record. Please use the same username and password as last year - if you have forgotten your child’s PRC details email Mrs Savage at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au . Please keep a record of these details for future reference as they will be needed each year your child completes the challenge.

Kindy students and those new to our school will receive their details along with an accompanying information sheet next week. If your child has completed the challenge elsewhere please contact me at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au so I can arrange for your challenge history to be brought over to our school – please include the name of your child’s previous school.

Congratulations to the following students who have kept busy reading over the holidays and are already finished the challenge: Harry A (1K), Ira S (4R), Jemima S (4R), Elijah V (4R), Shivon C (5K), Tiffany L (5K), Samarth P (5K), Ishaan S (5K) and Derek W (5K).

Book Fair 2021

Get ready for some fun in the Library at our Term 1 Book Fair which is being held during Weeks 9 and 10 of this Term!!! Our theme is: To the Book Fair and Beyond!

Book Fair will run from Wednesday, March 24 – Monday, March 29 (8.00 am – 4.00 pm & Thursday until 6.00 pm) in the school library. Although we are unable to invite parents onsite to visit our book fair, the students will be able to enjoy a giant range of children’s books from Scholastic. Purchase books for your personal use, for gifts, or you can select books from your child’s class wish list and donate them to their classroom.

** Please note: Our dress up day this year is going to be on August 27 during our Term 3 Book Week celebrations. The theme will be: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds!

** There will be no book exchange in the Library during the Book Fair so please keep your books at home and return them the following week. Tuesday classes will be rescheduled so that they can also attend the Book Fair.

** If you are able to volunteer some time to help set up and run our book fair, please contact Mrs Savage at library@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au – set up will be on Tuesday, March 23 and helpers will also be needed during the book fair.

Home and School

Year 12 Space

It is with much excitement that we can see the first steps towards the Year 12 space. Last weekend work was done in creating a kitchenette space where Year 12 students will have access to a space designed just for them. They will be able to have hot drinks, heat up lunches and access to a range of other appliances.

This project has been sponsored by Home and School funds. As an opening celebration the Home and School have also stocked up the kitchen with some extra goodies.

Still to come is a special outdoor space for the Year 12’s, we will keep you posted on this progress.

A very big thank you to Raelene Goodacre who sits on the Home and School Committee who has championed this project

Beyond our School Yard

Beyond our School Yard is part of our Home and School Committee and run in conjunction with our SRC. This is an initiative to encourage our children to consider others. Before Christmas time last year we supported two local charities and for the sixth year running we arranged Christmas Boxes to be sent overseas through OCC.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Women's Shelter

Hornsby shelter provides temporary supported accommodation for women in times of crisis.

Our wonderful Year 8 Outreach class organised an event to raise money. The final tally for this initiative was $550.10 which was donated as a cash donation to the Shelter.


Dignity is a charity who empower people experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness by providing food, shelter, clothing, advocacy and education.

We dropped off our collection and met with the lovely volunteer Cathy from Dignity. She was thrilled with the thoughtful donations provided by our school community!

Supporting Operation Christmas Child – our overseas Charity initiative

We took 101 filled boxes out to OCC headquarters last year which have now been sent to Cambodia – over the six years our school has been involved with this charity we have filled over 700 boxes!!

Craig the NSW State Manager in charge of OCC was excited to see our donations once again.

Stay tuned for more events that will be organised throughout the year. If anyone has a particular interest in being involved with this, please contact your class SRC representative or Mel Harris our Home and School person melinda@spect.com.au.

Home & School Meeting Dates for 2021

TERM 2 - Tuesday 4th May and Tuesday 1st June

TERM 3 - Tuesday 27th July and Tuesday 31st August

TERM 4 - Tuesday 5th October and Tuesday 2nd November


Please see below the Term 1 2021 Canteen Menu. It is recommended that students save time and order online as there is a limited amount available from the window. We have a great online system to make ordering of lunches easier and more convenient, all orders must be submitted by 8am.

To order:

• Go to www.flexischools.com.au

• Click register now to create an account

• Add Wahroonga Adventist School

• Top up your balance

• Start ordering

Volunteers Needed – Wednesday’s and Thursday’s as a one off or on a regular basis.

Many hand make light work! Mum’s and Dad’s are all welcome. Anything from 30mins to a couple of hours any morning of the week, we would love to see you. No experience is needed, just the willingness to chop, pack bags, follow a recipe and serve our lovely students. Please click here to register your interest. Please note due to COVID we require all volunteers to complete to registration form and sign in to the office before proceeding to the canteen.

We look forward to having you volunteer in our fabulous canteen.

Meals with Love

Do you know of a school family that has just welcomed a new baby, has a sick family member, or a family that just needs a little TLC? We would love to be able to support them of behalf of the school community with a Meals with Love meal. Please send us an email and we can have a meal arranged. Unfortunately, due to the current climate we cannot accept donations of meals this term and all meals are being prepared by the Canteen and Meals with Love team. Thanks for your continued support.

Nicola Binns: nicolasweetman@gmail.com

Tish Armstrong: tishiarmstrong@hotmail.com

Vanessa Carter: vanessa.c.carter@hotmail.com

Bits and Pieces