Business trip Dwight Schrute Takes Clemson

Dunder Mifflin, in an effort to expand its market, has begun marketing its paper products to universities across the nation. When Clemson expresses interest in contracting with Dunder Mifflin, Atlantic Northeast Mid-Range Paper Salesman of the Year Dwight Schrute jumps at the opportunity. Dwight, who understands that what distinguishes Dunder Mifflin from its larger competitors, such as Staples, is its strength in customer service, promptly plans a trip from Scranton, PA to meet with President Clements.

Dwight decides to fly to Clemson. Despite extensive pleas, Michael refuses to accompany Dwight even though Michael has no doubt that he is a substantially better salesman than Dwight will ever be. After being questioned for some time by airport security regarding the necessity of a spiked club for a two day business trip to Clemson, Dwight finally boarded his plane and was en route.

Historical Sight in Greenville, South Carolina

When Dwight finally landed at GSP airport in Greer, South Carolina, Dwight was appalled at the lackadaisical security efforts at the undersized airport. In an effort to make everybody safer by identifying a security weakness, Dwight decided to exit his terminal, then turn around and hurdle the gate back into the terminal. Security didn't see eye to eye with Dwight's reasoning, especially after hearing about his conflict with security agents in Scranton, and Dwight ultimately spent the night in holding for questioning. It was ultimately his connections attained through his Deputy Sheriff position in Lackawanna County that caused the security officials to deem Dwight harmless.

Despite being let off the hook at GSP, Dwight's antics were not without repercussions. As a result of being held all night for questioning, Dwight missed his dinner meeting with President Clements. Understandably so, President Clements was unimpressed with Dunder Mifflin's lack of organization and decided that, given such a poor first impression, he would not contract with their business. Dwight, after unsuccessfully begging Clements to reconsider, deemed the entire state of South Carolina, due to its evidently insufficient security efforts, unworthy of Dunder Mifflin's business at all.


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