Staples boys' basketball vs Trumbull High School

Trumbull boys warm up for the 4-4 Staples Wreckers at Staples High school (Photo by Mark Didio)
Staples warms up with lay up lines in preparation for the game against the 6-1 Trumbull Eagles (Photo by Mark Didio)
Captain Jake Thaw '20 gets announced prior to the contest and does a signature hand shake with Teddy Dienst '20 (Photo by Mark Didio)
Point Guard Jake Thaw '20 crosses over in the early minutes of the first quarter with the Wreckers up 5-2 (Photo by Mark Didio)
Shooting Guard David Basich '21 shoots a three pointer in attempt to put the Wreckers up by 3 with 3:50 left in the second quarter (Photo by Mark Didio)
(Left to Right) Kyle Chamberlin '21, A.J. DeAngelis '21, Chris Chamberlin '21, enjoy the camera attention at halftime. The Wreckers and Eagles tied up 29-29 (Photo by Mark Didio)
Guard Benny Feuer '20 going around a screen set by A.J. Konstanty '20 early in the third quarter. The Wreckers trail by seven (Photo by Mark Didio)
Captain Dylan Ward '19 catches a pass and prepares to drive to the hoop. The eagles lead by 15 with only a few minutes left in the third quarter. (Photo by Mark Didio)
Guard Jake Thaw '20 leaps to throw a pass to Lucas Basich '21 for a much needed three point shot. The Wreckers trail by 20 points half way through the final quarter of the game. (Photo by Jack Dennison '21)
Shooting Guard Teddy Dienst '20 shoots a free throw late in the 4th Quarter in efforts to diminish Trumbull's 18 point lead (Photo by Mark Didio)
Dylan Ward '19 puts up the final shot of the game. The Wreckers lose 63-45 and fall to 4-5 on the season (Photo by Jack Dennison)


Mark Didio '20

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