GUIDED INQUIRY LAB AbIgail, June, Ashley, and Callie

First you add 50mL of buffer and .8g of agarose to make a 1.6% solution.

Then you heat the gel and mix it until it becomes clear instead of cloudy

Next you let the gel cool but not solidify

Then you pour .5cm of agarose gel into the tray and insert the comb

After the gel has solidified you insert it into the electrophoresis chamber and cover it with TAE buffer

Insert the different types of DNA into separate wells

Next plug the container into the power source and watch the DNA move from the negative end to the positive end. Record which type of DNA moves the quickest

After twenty minute remove the gel and cover it in stain

Remove the gel from the fridge and measure the bands

Blue: 0.6 cm, 1cm, 1.1cm

Green: none

Yellow: .7cm, .9cm

White: .3cm, .5cm

Brown: .6cm, 1cm

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