• An afternoon to celebrate the successes within Tower Hamlets
  • To provide an update and future plans within adults, childrens and population health.
  • To learn from our experiences of partnership working and identify enabling behaviours.
  • To get to know each other better.

Digital map of THT

The digital map of THT - Delivering better health through partnerships - was developed after the staff engagement event in January (we hope you picked up your postcard!)

Go to to use the digital interactive map and to find out more about the different projects taking place in Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets Together is a multi-speciality community provider (MCP) vanguard site. This means we have been working together to better co-ordinate health and social care for the population.

Adult Services Update:

Here are a few examples of the successes within adults services:

  • We have a lower growth in emergency admissions compared with the rest of England and other MCPs.
  • We have reduced delayed transfers of care and reduced bed days for people with mental health difficulties
  • Excellent progress is being made in creating a frailty assessment unit and providing rapid access assessment for older patients
  • Enhanced admissions avoidance and discharge service in operation.
  • Introducing a community neighbourhood team for community nursing (buurtzorg model)
  • Extending the physician response unit to bring A&E in to peoples homes; this will reduce admissions to hospital by treating people at home.
  • Care homes red bag scheme has been launched. This improves care for people in care homes who are admitted to hospital through providing detailed person centred information about their care.

Community Health Services update: Barts Health, GP care Group and ELFT have come together to deliver Community Health Services under an alliance contract.

Population Health Update

Population health projects have the following aims:

  • To Improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Tower Hamlets
  • To target certain groups of people or places that experience worse health and wellbeing than the rest of Tower Hamlets.
  • To give staff the tools they need to support people to stay healthy.

Successes for population health:

  • We now have social prescribing across the whole borough. Social prescribing is for people that see their GP for issues beyond clinical care e.g. housing, employment. Social prescribers in GP surgeries can support people with these difficulties.
  • We have 700 staff trained in Making Every Contact Count (MECC) - a half day training course for staff to learn about wider health and social issues e.g. smoking, nutrition, mental health. This allows clinicians to have different types of conversations with the public and to support families more holistically. Please sign up for this training!! More details can be found here:

Children's services update:

The Integrated Early Years Model is aiming to improve outcomes for children across four main areas:

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Early identification of needs
  • Nutrition (Oral health and healthy weight)
  • Self-care (minor ailment)

Developing child and family hubs

  • Developing Child and Families Hubs - Four children's centres have been chosen to prototype the child and family hub model
  • It will involve much closer working between children centres, health visiting, education and the voluntary sector.
  • Aim to Increase targeted services for children up until 11 years of age within children's centres

A video celebrating integrated working in the early years services

How do we create organisational change for better integration and partnership working
We considered the importance of real stories and real experiences
We each told a story about our experiences of good partnership working. These are the main themes and thoughts that came up when listening to these stories.
Post-its identify the behaviours, attitudes and mind-sets that were necessary and evident in partnership working
The common themes that emerged between groups are shown on the hexagonal post-it notes

Some comments around what will we take away from today:

  • To celebrate all the work taking place to improve health and social care in Tower Hamlets.
  • We need to have the same common goal even though we don't all know each other. Things can be changed for the better and it is down to networking and communicating.
  • Even though we are from different organisations across Tower Hamlets we still have similar experiences. It has been great to come together and share learning without restrictive boundaries.
  • Lets get the best out of each other through being honest, respectful, flexible and positive risk taking.
  • We all have shared value of passion and motivation.
  • Everyone is focused on acknowledging a problem and wanting to do something about it.
  • We need to give up some control to build partnerships and work with others.
  • Giggle - humour is needed!

What next....

The work form this session will be integrated two further projects: An academic research project conducted by Bournemouth University looking at the current literature on Integrated working competencies and a staff Action research project, making the difference, which was an inquiry into the lived experiences of staff of great integrated working.

From this we will create a THT behaviour/mind-set tool to assist recruitment and development of both individual staff and teams in integrated partnership working.

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