A Separate Peace Chapter 6

Graphic Organizer

The main event/scene in the story is shown by a comic strip that we created. The comic strip shows the fight scene between Gene and Quackenbush. The comic will be shared with the class. Each table group will view it, and then talk about the importance of it, and share their thoughts with the rest of the class.

Important Plot Details:

  • The boys attend the opening church service
  • Normal school year has started, all 700 students are back, attending classes
  • When Gene arrives to the crew house, he has to deal with Quackenbush, who is a total jerk. Quackenbush chides Gene for being late. Then Quackenbush teases him for wanting to be crew manager at all.
  • The fight between Quackenbush and Gene is a significant part.

Below are 6 photos that symbolize this chapter. There is one copy of these photos at each table. Talk with your table group about the photos, right a brief description as to why they are important, and after a few minutes, we will talk about it.

This is what your paper copy should look like. Each table should have 1 copy.

At each table, we will hand out bingo sheets. Gather with some partners, and we will play a quick and simple game of bingo!

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