BUILDING MOMENTUM FOR PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Please use this Social Media Toolkit. It matters.

As the global health community prepares for the Alma Alta Global Conference on Primary Health Care (October 25-26 in Astana, Kazakhstan), this is the time to increase our momentum.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is proud to work with you, our partner. Together we have made significant progress towards strengthening primary health care systems and produced positive outcomes with vulnerable populations around the globe.

We ask you to join us in a social media campaign to accelerate progress by raising public awareness of our goals and accomplishments.

We are providing compelling social media content that is easy to use. Feel free to customize these social media posts and pictograms to your organization’s brand and your specific contributions. USAID and its partners have an important story to tell about increasing access to primary health care.

Together we can highlight our accomplishments and build momentum toward strengthening primary health care and making it more accessible for everyone.

Please use these hashtags and handles to reach interested communities of decision-makers, advocates, experts, and the general public.

Key Hashtags

  • #PrimaryHealthCare
  • #HealthSystems
  • #HealthForAll

Key Handles

  • @WHO

Scroll down to find social media content to post on Facebook and Twitter.


Ensuring access to primary health care is the first step to building strong families, stable communities, and productive nations.

You can use any aspect of these key messages to craft your own social media and include your organization’s own stories, case studies, and results.

1. Increasing local participation.

Communities serve a critical role in providing oversight of service delivery, promoting healthy behaviors and holding the health system accountable.

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

2. A wider community of players.

Efforts to encourage universal access to health care should begin with primary healthcare and healthcare delivery in most countries relies on a mix of public, private and/or community-based systems.

Photo: USAID/Ghana

3. Investments in primary health care have big returns.

Investments in primary health care increase the availability, quality, sustainability and affordability of health care.

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

4. Health care systems increasingly equated with national security.

Strong and sustainable primary health care systems safeguard health and national security and build resilience against public health threats, infectious disease outbreaks and other events.

Photo: Thomas Cristofoletti/Ruom for USAID



1. Ensuring access to #PrimaryHealthCare is the first step to building strong families, stable communities and productive nations. #HealthForAll. Join the conversation @USAIDGH

Photo: UNICEF Kyrgyzstan/2017/Vlad Ushakov

2. @USAIDGH + its partners improve #PrimaryHealthCare access & strengthen #HealthSystems by working with communities, private sector & local governments. #HealthForAll. Learn more.

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

3. Local communities play a vital role in helping deliver #PrimaryHealthCare services, promoting healthy behaviors & holding their #HealthSystems accountable. Learn more @USAIDGH

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

4. Investments in #PrimaryHealthCare are proving to be the best way to help countries make quality health care more affordable, sustainable & accessible to all. #HealthForAll Follow the conversation @USAIDGH

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

5. Strong, sustainable #HealthSystems safeguard national security by building resilience against public health threats & infectious disease outbreaks. It starts with #PrimaryHealthCare. Learn more @USAIDGH

Photo: WHO

6. Why is strengthening #PrimaryHealthCare a game-changer for local communities, cities & nations? It reduces health outcome disparities & makes access to care more equitable. See how @USAIDGH is helping build sustainable #HealthSystems.

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

7. How has community-based #PrimaryHealthCare helped save 48M children's lives since 2000? One reason: it involves civil society organizations to train local volunteer community health workers. Follow the conversation @USAIDGH.

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

8. @USAIDGH works with countries to to plan, fund & manage their continued progress in #PrimaryHealthCare toward #HealthForAll. Statistics from 2012–2017 demonstrate that USAID’s efforts are making a difference. Learn more.

Photo: WHO/Christopher Black

9. Through combined efforts of communities & health workers, @USAIDGH #PrimaryHealthCare programs achieved positive outcomes, like the creation of more sustainable maternal & newborn services. #HealthForAll. Learn more.

Photo: UNICEF/UN0188888/Njiokiktjien VII

10. It’s time to accelerate progress toward sustainable, equitable #PrimaryHealthCare: The Global Conference on Primary Health Care is October 25-26 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Follow @USAIDGH and learn more at @WHO @UNICEF

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP


We invite you to use these pictograms in two possible ways:

  • Add your organization’s name or logo to pictograms by using a graphics program.
  • Use the pictograms with USAID’s logo

Please right click to download.




Below are images used in the posts we provided. You can use them in your own posts. Or, feel free to use your own images.

Thank you for helping make this campaign a success.

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