Loving Econ By: Maggie Yavaraski & Kendra Anifer

The most important concepts in macroeconomics are not always complex nor simplistic.

The banks are the ones who keep our money supply running and helps the circular flow up and going.

We may not like to pay taxes but they allow us to have full employment within the economy.

Opportunity costs...

You spend time and money going to a movie but you cant spend that time at home doing something else at the same time.

(Movie theater)
"Time is money "

When you decide to pursue a college degree, your opportunity cost would include the 4 years potential earnings foregone.

"Young, almost broke, attending college"

A firm that produces two outputs with a fixed supply of inputs. More of one output -> less of the other output.

"A world is not a wish granting factory"

Supply and Demand...

Supply and demand graphs represents the inverse relationship between quantity demanded and quantity supplied.

PPC Graph...

The PPC graph represents the opportunity costs.

As Ad Graphs...

The AD and AS graph represents the supply and demand of the economy as a whole.


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