Imperialism Malaeloa mu'a 1B

China and Britain

Before the Imperialism started, China was struggling with their nation. They never had any contact of the countries that were outside of their border. Since this happened, they weren't able to make trades anymore and they were shut out. This is when China started to build ideas from the Western. China thought that they were able to control all the other foreign regions. Britain was much different. Their hopes were to imperialize all of the nations, to give them power, and to make their trades a lot more big.

After that happened, Britain forced China to open up multiple ports. China was to allow all the British Citizens to be able to live on their land. China's taxes had to be directly paid to the British Government. The British took control over Hong Kong, and started to give rights to China. China was very well effected from these acts. Other than Britain, they were more wealthy and gained a lot of power.

Japan and the U.S.

Japanese shut themselves from other regions in the early 1700s. During the industrialized world, they had no contact from any of the nations. This is when their society became tight. They were in their own small groups forming armies, and were taking orders from a certain group of people who had power in Japan. Afterwards, it created peace in Japan for about two centuries. Then in the 1900s, some of the Westerners were trying to convince them to open up more ports to expand trades. The U.S. started to get involved and they sent Matthew Perry to ask Japan to allow free trades within their countries. He also threatened Japan that they'd wreck them. They opened up two ports so that the U.S. was able to bring their supplies.

This had impacted Japan in a negative way. The only way they were to make their nation satisfied, was to take some ideas from the Westerners. They adapted the Western Civilization. After they used their concepts, it had made them become modern. By 1890, they had about 500,000 well trained soldiers and became the most powerful army in Asia.

Europe and Africa

In the 19th century, European nations took over most of Africa. Around this time, it had a long-range consequence to their actions. Many of the countries were starting to know the European languages. After about three trades that took place in both regions, Europe started to take over. They assumed that Africans were weak because of how thy were slaves. This is when Europe was starting to imperialize them. Africans weren't able to take care of themselves so Europe wanted to take advantage of them. Africa had a different type of perspective based on their culture and how they did things.

USA and Hawaii

Queen Lili'uokalani was the last monarch of Hawaii in 1892. She was replaced by a government. Benjamin Harrison sent a treaty to annex the Hawaii Islands in the U.S. It wasn't approved because there weren't enough senators who agreed with the president's idea. Then the U.S.S Maine was exploded in February 1898. This caused them to start the Spanish-American War. They needed a place to fuel and the Hawaiian Islands was their only choice. After, they submitted and it followed through on July 21, 1898. The Hawaiian Islands were officially annexed by the U.S. People of Hawaii hated the annexation so they tried to fight again. The person who lead this was Queen Lili'uokalani and they placed her in jail afterwards.


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