Cinematography by: Raymond Armijo

This is an extreme low angle shot in Pulp Fiction. It is supposed to show how powerful and dangerous these two characters are.
This is an extreme close up from the movie The Blair Witch Project. This is to show how terrified she is of something.
This would be a high shot from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This shows how weak Luke is right now.
This is an extreme high angle from the new movie Spiderman: Homecoming. It is a bird's eye view of him flying right over a helicopter.
Wide shot from The Dark Knight Rises to show the city that the next part of the movie will take place.
A tracking shot from the TV show True Detective. It follows the main guy through out the entire house to see what he is always doing.
A long shot from the movie The Shining. It shows the full body of the twins and more.
A handheld shot to give the viewer the feeling of running with this character.
A medium shot that is from the waist and up. It shows what he's doing while still having details with his face.
A close up from the movie Road to Perdition. To show his face and to show the seriousness of what he's saying.

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