The Nazareth Academy Band By adrian perez

I decided to choose the Nazareth Academy band class because I feel that it’s an underrated class that many students overlook. The band director Michael Sliwinski does a great job of making the classes fun and enjoyable. Each photo highlights some of the activities done throughout the class and some parts of the classroom.

The class begins with breathing exercises that Mr. Sliwinski helps guide the students through. Then the class does some warm-up ‘long tones’ which help students begin to feel their pitch and sound. Once the warm-ups have concluded, Mr. Sliwinski begins to lead the students in playing music pieces. The current rotation of songs that the students are going through are Celtic Air and Dance and Kentucky 1800. Then once the students finish with their practice, they head back into the band room and get ready to leave for their next class. In mosts classes, Mr. Sliwinski will end class by showing a video or pictures to his students that he found funny or interesting. Just like the video of Mr. Sliwinski umpiring a college baseball game and a player arguing with him about a call is one of the many different types of ways Mr. Sliwinski entertains his students. Then the last photos are some of the things that can be found in the band classroom.

The Nazareth Academy band class is a fun and great opportunity that students should take. It can become a great place to meet new people and to have a break from the struggles of homework or other class work.

In the Walsh gym, Michael Sliwinski starting off the song Celtic Air and Dance for the band students by waving his hands to signal the beginning of the song.
Once the students are in the Walsh gym, they begin practice by doing breathing exercises which Michael Sliwinski leads them in.
At the front of the class, Michael Sliwinski reads off group numbers for the students so that they can play the piece Kentucky 1800 in unison.
In the Walsh gym, students play the piece Kentucky 1800.
Right after the start of Celtic Air and Dance, Michael Sliwinski conducts the class by waving his hands in different directions in order to help the students play on the correct beats. Michael Sliwinski does this at the front of the class so that all students can get a good view in order to stay on track.
At the end of A period in the band room, Michael Sliwinski projects a video of one of the previous games that he umpired at for the students to enjoy.
Also at the end of A period, Michael Sliwinski shows his students a video taken the night before of his dog Ruth nibbling at his pant leg.
On the windowsill of the band classroom, 4 trophies can be found that were won by the Naz band. The trophies were won from 2016-2020.
In the front of the band room, a xylophone which Michael Sliwinski uses throughout class to help percussion students.
Near the front of the class, the cubbies that students can put their instruments in to avoid carrying them all day.