My art Appreciation adventure at the Harn Jensen Thompson

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

From a distance, Essence #9 really just looks like a piece of fabric. However, once you get closer and admire this work of art, it becomes evident that it's an etching that's been done on paper and not a framed piece of fabric. This piece especially made me appreciate the fact that so many different mediums can be used in artwork and how creativity makes art so wonderful. I found the use of design in the etching in this piece of art to be very feminine which makes me want to know more about the artist and why I found it so striking. This piece of art communicated me the pain of beauty of being a women. Women are expected to make themselves appear much more beautiful by dressing themselves in expensive clothing such as dresses made out of fine lace. But in reality, pretty hurts, and that may be why this etching of this lace is black. A lot goes into looking pretty and feeling confident as a woman these days. I felt very connected to this piece of art because as a young woman, I feel as if I fall into the traps of society and make myself appear "prettier" by buying expensive clothing or make-up but I really should just be who I am and not conform to societies standards.

Nevelson, Louise. Essence #9. 1977. Harn Museum, n.p.

Design of the Museum

I found myself extremely drawn to the slant of the roof in the contemporary art exhibit. I felt as if it really put a lot of emphasis on the artwork by making the room almost feel smaller and more enclosed. I also really loved the lighting and the blue lights on the side of the wall, it reminded me of a starry night. This design made me feel inspired and intrigued. I'm curious to know as to why they decided to slant the roof in this manner.

Contemporary Art Exhibit, Harn Museum. Jensen Thompson. 2017.

Art and Core Values

One of my main core values is helping others. I think helping others on an everyday basis is crucial in being an overall good human. I believe doing good deeds go a long way and that they should always be passed forward. I really appreciated this photograph because Bernice Kolko decided to migrate to Mexico where she befriended this lady, Frida, and was supportive and took care of her until her dying days. This image helped me better understand that helping others always doesn't have to be a good deed, but it can be accomplished by lending out a helping hand to those who are close around you, even if it's just a simple task. This photograph instill happiness in me. Just this simple act of kindness is enough to put a smile on somebody's face. I believe in honoring those who have brought happiness and joy into our lives, and I think Frida brought those things to Bernice and that's why she's choosing to help take care of her.

Kolko, Bernice. Frida in Bed. 1950. Platinum print. Harn Museum, n.p.

Art and the Good Life

Chelsea Composite II, truly shows the hustle and bustle of city life. This hustle and bustle can encompass the characteristics of a Good Life. Personally, I have a goal to live in a big city such as this one. This goal will be reached by achieving other goals such as completing school and maintaining a high salary. Therefore, the feeling of achievement is important in reaching a Good Life. Living in a large city with a high paying job to afford a house in this large city can be an achievement that helps reach the Good Life. However, not all achievements have to be materialistic items. Achievements can also be minimalist, such as just barely paying you rent for the month or remembering the appreciate the world around you.

Cofrin, Mary Ann. Chelsea II Composite. 1995. Oil on Linen. Harn Museum, n.p


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