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Here at Enterprise Group we want you to feel respected and comfortable in your position.

Our organisation is a medium SME (small to medium enterprise) which has 200 employees that are situated within Lincoln. The call center is here to help our customers gain information they may require without making interferences to their daily lives. We take our recruitment process very seriously and therefore employ those who are best suited to working in a fast paced, but relaxed environment. On our team we have some of the best advisors who have tremendous customer service skills as well as the ability to work with the latest technology giving us a large turnover at the end of each quarter.

As we are only a medium enterprise, our workforce and stakeholders well being is our fundamental mission. We at Enterprise group ensure they have optimum well being. Our stakeholders are the most important people in creating a smooth running business achieving success, and this is influenced by how they are treated and their acts within the business. Our site is here to explain how we achieve such high standards of well being for all of our stakeholders including our;

• Management Team

• Employees

• Customers

More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is the source of happiness – Dalai Lama

There are many meanings for well being, however here at Enterprise Group we believe it to be the best mental, emotional and physical state for you as an individual.

Well being in an organisation is dependent on the organisations culture and this will effect the well being of employees. Our employees need to feel that they are valued and respected in our organisation and have the opportunity to develop by themselves and with the organisation itself.

Throughout our site you will find we cover well being for employees by focusing on;

• Healthy Eating

• Mental Well being

• Material and Non-materialistic motivation

• Organisational relationships

We ensure that our employees well being can be improved in as many ways as we can implement in our organisation, and by doing this they as individuals live well and create motivation throughout the whole team.


For our employees, although well being is mainly seen as non-materialistic, there are material gains they should receive.

Management within our organisation is the fundamental tool to achieve positive well being among our employees and our customers.

Our customers are an immensely important part of our organisation and ensuring their well being is what motivates us at Enterprise Group.

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