Defense Against Bullies Jack Connors

The Definition for Bullying is...

There are Many Types of Bullying Such as.....

The Statistics for Bullying in the United States of America

Bullying in Schools is an Epidemic Across all Schools in America of Every Age

High School
Middle School
Elementary School

The Book Bystander (Bellow))

Bullying in The Book Bystander is the One Thing Affecting Their Friend Group

Survey's Show That....

What do you see in this picture? Describe.
There are Multiple ways to Really Stop Bullying Like...

Hopefully this Put's the Idea of Bullying in the Back of Your Mind

Works Cited

“Bullying - Google Images Safe Search.” Bullying in Schools- Google Photos Search, The photo has real way of checking its credibility due to the fact that it is fictional and is trying to show that people that are different and stray away from the large pack and herds you are more susceptible to being bullied. The photo is from the perspective of the bullied boy who looks as if he went over to talk to the cool group and got rejected. The google search brought up many photos but this was the best one to represent it. The sight was easy to navigate and there were no pop up ads.

“Bullying Widespread in U.S. Schools, Survey Finds.” National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, This site is credible because although it did not have all the information go into easy bib right away after I looked around the website I found all the information needed to fill in the boxes which were never filled in. This article has complete facts along with quotes and statistics from Duane Alexander, M.D., director of the NICHD which is a well respected organization. Who proves the facts The article was fairly easy to read it had all the necessary information I was looking for in the article like statistics to open my project with. There were little to no adds and only 3 or 4 words I did not fully understand, but over all easy to understand.

Jacobs, W.E, and Maureen McMahon. “Counterpoint: School Children Should Learn to Defend Themselves Against Bullies.”, 30 Sept. 2016, This site is credible because it was found under a trusted page on the saxe databases link which only trust the highest quality. It is also password protected with a school subscription. The article is somewhat biased because it talks from the counterpoint of the 3rd document.Other than that it is a great article riddled with details and facts. The article was easy to read and because there is no sponsorships there is no product placement which gave me no adds. There were one or two words I did not understand but overall it was easy to read.

News, ABC. “Parents: Cyber Bullying Led to Teen's Suicide.” ABC News, ABC News Network, 19 Nov. 2007, This site is credible because the author is apart of a well known newspaper called “ABC”.It is unbiased and is relevant because according to easy-bib it is reliable and easy bib checks for bias and unbiased.There were some ads but it was easy to scroll through and there were no pop ups.

“School Administrators Should Oppose Bullying Rather than Focusing on the Behavior of the Victim.” Points of View Reference Center, 30 Sept. 2016, This site is credible because it fell under the Saxe Databases Sheet which is closely monitored to make sure only credible sites are used by students. This article is very fact based. One way to prove it is that this article or part of book used specific surveys that helped back up his points. This page had little to no ads at all and was very easy to read. There was one word I did not understand but later on I figured out what it meant and it put the whole piece together.

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