The Outliers Visual Book Review BY: Thomas Manns

The Outliers is a thriller that will keep you hooked till the very last word. There is never a dull moment. The Outliers leaves you on the edge of your seat for all 336 pages.
This book brings you inside with the amazing details of the environment and paints a beautiful picture of their terrifying journey to help save their friend Cassie.
It doesn’t stop there. Also, Wylie’s father studies Emotional Intelligence very intensely and spends very little time with his family. Due to his studies, he has performed several experiments and discovered a group of people he calls The Outliers.
The author shows every detail of Wylie’s emotions and her struggles with agoraphobia and anxiety after the accident that was Wylie’s breaking point.
I really enjoyed The Outliers it was a very thrilling book and it never lost its' momentum.
The Outliers has the potential for many teenagers to relate to the novel due to Wylie’s constant struggle with Anxiety and Agoraphobia throughout the entire book.
I really liked how the author emphasized on Wylie’s emotions; and in my opinion it’s what made this book stand out from all the other thrillers out there.
If you are looking for quiet an exciting read I would highly recommend The outliers.
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Thomas Manns


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