Personal Critique: restoration Tari wahono


focus statement

analysis of focus


Positive Coping: Everyone deals with situations in different ways. As people grow they are able to find new ways to deal with a situation in positive ways. Positive Coping is any strategies that one may use to reduce stress etc. When using positive coping to deal with stress you are able to experience more positive emotions. Benefits include being more motivated, being able to push through tough times, be able to achieve your goals and better physical health and relationships.



Artist #1: Eric Rose

Eric Rose is a photographer that takes unique shots of places he visits. His works are named after the country or place he has taken the photo. In the 70’s he worked as a freelance photographer; however the late 90’s he found his true calling, black and white photography. Rose did a mini-series of pieces using a mix of close up portraits and shadows in his work. Rose tends to zoom in on different facial features for a more detailed look. The largest portrait below shows is a full face photograph of a women with light reflecting a floral pattern onto her face and hands. The women is wearing all black, with her hair slicked back. These features help to keep the focus on her face and the shadows. The flora pattern ties the photograph back to the theme of restoration, in nature and growth. The mini- series is compiled with simplistic photographs all focusing on the face with light being what makes the image. Shadows created from parts of nature imply how nature helps people cope through tough times. The light brings happiness and joy into people’s lives, being positive coping. Rose’s mini-series has inspired my first body of work. The use of light and shadows show ‘light through positive coping.’ He takes two simple ideas and merges them together to create beautiful pieces of art. The black and white make the images more powerful and meaningful.

Artist #2: Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley is known for her magnificent sculptures; however one of her pieces shocked everyone. The sculpture is of a naked women with light flowing out of cracks that cover her body. The piece is called ‘Expansion.’ Despite being a mistake, the sculpture was loved by millions around the globe. Bradley dropped her sculpture, smashing it into pieces. Some artist would have given up but Bradley, along with a lighting specialist, built a system that would allow the sculpture to grow from within. The sculpture is detailed, making it seem life like. The main point of lighting comes from a crack just below the heart. The piece shows restorations through ‘positive light.’ The person is smashed and broken however manages to find a light to help him/ her through the tough times. Bradley’s sculptures are all life size with realistic features. Each sculpture shows someone growing from a smaller body to a bigger one, I believe this shows restoration. ‘Expansion’ shows the light bleeding from within, restoration. Bradley’s sculpture has helped inspire my second piece. A sculpture with floral patterns and light reflecting. Mixing with the ideas from Rose and Bradley to create a beautiful sculpture.

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