Sparx Healthy Eating App Interface Design Cale Unger

I have chosen the healthy eating app type for my project.

  • Mood / Feel - All of the apps have a happy feeling and are comfortable in look.
  • Features - Each app has the same general features. These features include: recipes, tutorials videos, calorie counters and meal planners. Some of the apps even go as far as to have the ability for users to talk to health professionals
  • Navigational choices - Most of the apps contain scrollable bar of categories at top of the screen or a menu that slides in from the left or right of the screen when an icon is selected.
  • Basic steps to accomplish the users goal - All of the apps are simple and straight forward. Most open with an overview of popular things on the app with an option to select a menu or explore at the top of the screen to access more features that the user may be searching for.
  • Principles of design - The apps I viewed followed the basic principles of design. The apps were easy to look and finding what i was looking for was simple. This kept me engaged and wanted me to continue using the app I was researching. Due to most of the apps having same features I stuck with the one that fit my needs best.
  • Visual Hierarchy - The apps I viewed seemed to have good visual hierarchy. Like most mobile apps you view from top to bottom, these apps put the most important information and the things they want the user to see at the top. These things include titles, categories, and important information. The main features that the app is meant for can easily be found or navigated to due to the design.
  • Typeface selections and sizes - All the apps used standard labeling. There's no usage of weird or unreadable fonts. Titles and other labeling are found above the things they describe.
  • Dominant and subordinate colors - Most of the apps keep consistant easy to follow color design. Dominate colors are used around titles and labeling and subordinate colors are used with descriptions, captions, and other mainly text based areas of the screen below the dominate coloured areas. The subordinate colours are used as they should be and don't take away from overall aesthetic that is created in combination with the dominate colors.
  • Illustrations, images, videos, icons, data visualization - These things tie in with visual hierarchy and colors. All of the apps had some form of these throughout. But, some of the apps I viewed had videos on the first screen instead of images, icons, etc. I was more focused on apps that contained videos on the first screen than other things because the videos had a clear representation of what the app was about and they didn't take away from the overal feel of the app. The videos were also easily viewable which keeps the app simple and their wasn't as much reading involved. Other apps that mainly used images contained alot of reading. Considering that many other users would probably prefer a simple medium rather than a complex one. I find that an app that had embeded videos will be more successful.


  • Do the apps follow the mobile first mindset?
  • Yes, all screens of the apps for weel formatted to fit a mobile device.
  • Were the interfaces designed for context?
  • Yes, text is very ledgeable on all screens.
  • Was all the content purposeful?
  • Yes, everything within the apps had a purposeful end goal. There was no extra non essential objects.
  • Did the design demonstrate continuity?
  • Yes many of apps demonstrate continuity. Due to the layout of most apps I was able to easily tell where I could find specific items.
  • How did the design aid the user experience?
  • The design aids user experience by being simple and easy to use. If something can't be found quickly or on the main screens they can be searched for using the search feature.

How my app will be different

My app will be different because I will use all of the things other users and I found well done by the other apps and improve / re-design them. I would also like to try and use gamification in some way. Many apps look nice and have simple features but are boring to use. I'd like to rethink the way that modern apps of this type are designed. It's like exercise, not many people with go out of their way to do it. But, when you mask exercise as something fun, people will unknowingly participate in the action.

How user goals will be accomplished

User goals can be accomplished by using some of the apps various features. Also the app can be simply navigated through the use of tapping and scrolling.

App Progress - Research and Sketches

App progress - Grids & Wires

App Progress - Style Guide

Data Visualization & Mock Ups

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