My Poetry By:Jordyne ashby

Strong Beautiful Intelligent Feisty

Sibling of Kimberly Ashby

Who Fears God

Who Needs To Be Loved

Who wants to see the world get better

Resident of the beach

Hyperbole-an exaggerated statement.

Ex1: I'm so hungry I can eat a cow
It was so cold I saw polar bears wearing coats

Simile- comparing two different thing using like or as

He is as fast as a cheetah
She is as fat as a hippo

Metaphor-comparing two different things without using like or as

He is a cheetah
She is a hippo

Personification-giving a unliving thing the characteristics of a living thin

This wind was whispering in my ear telling me to be free
The house was starring down at me with this warning look

Track is like a Wave

Christmas is like a charity event

The boy is like a pest

The beach is like a resting place

Carps way of teaching is like a story that speaks nothing but the truth

Carps anger is like a lion protecting its cubs

Carp is the best thing that ever happened

Personification-giving a unliving thing the characteristics of a living thin

My alarm clock yells at me every morning
The avalanche devoured everything in its way
Me against the world By: Tupac

After death after me last breath will I finally get to rest.

This is a very important line because when he was growing up there was still racism and division and so he always

I Dreamed a Dream By: Les Miserables

He slept a summer by my side

He filled my days with endless wonder

He took my childhood in his stride

But he was gone when autumn came

A man came into the girls life because she thought it was her destiny but when he got what he wanted she left her out to survive on her own killing every dream that she had


Let me die in my footsteps By: Bob Dylan

Meaning #1-This poem mean that we dont die because someone tells us to we die when we are ready

I will not go gently into the night By: Dylan Thomas

Meaning #2-Carpe Diem

My haiku

Skin glowing In the sun

Water is staining his skin

The tide was the best

My Slang

I got this job cause I'm always hundo

Now I got the guala

Now I might ask Wyd

But TBH I actually don't care

Cause btw I know you're fake

Welcome to my life by Jordyne Ashby

Welcome to my life. It's more fascinating than watching the sun set

From the second I wake I hear the birds chirping

It reminds me that " I have today to live it like my last."

Through the haze and the haze that lead to lonely ways I always remember to keep my head up

This makes me strong.

When I am sad I get mad like a lion like a snake, like a beast stalking a prey

This is my life not your you don't understand my life your definition of what life means is different from mine because in my world life is not about loving it's about living life to the fullest.

Welcome to my life. For fun I like to train.

It makes me happier than a kid in a candy store

In the electric heaven I call my phone

I always make sure that life will guide me on the right path.

In my life my favorite person was my grandma

She is as nice as a puppy

She makes me feel loved

When I hear the warming sound of her soothing voice

It takes me to the relaxing heaven and never makes my life seem as bad as it seems because

This is my life

My epitaphs

Myself-I was given this life because i was strong enough to live it

My grandma- sometimes the strongest women are the ones who loves beyond all faults, who cries behind close doors, and fights battles that no one knows about

Celebrity- money cant buy life but it helped make a prettt good one.

Created By
Jordyne Ashby

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