Reflective Essay

This assignment was one of my favorite things to do throughout the semester. It really encouraged me to think deep and find what I value most. I have found many strengths and weaknesses that I did not know I even had. I got many new ideas on how to study and take test better. With this project, my grades have gone up and I am super excited about that. I also learned how to manage my time so much better. I learned to be more confident in my school work because it shows me what to do to improve myself. I set goals for myself that I hope to achieve. This was my favorite topic because it showed me what I valued. I also liked the Mindset topic because I used to have a bad inner voice, but now I talk good to myself and encourage myself to do better when I fail instead of tearing myself apart. This has helped me realize that we all fail at some point in our lives and that is okay. This also helped me see that professors are not as intimidating as I thought. I had to go them to get them to help me with this assignment. I liked knowing that they are actually nice so I can go to their office hours to get help with school. I also enjoyed doing the Self-Designed exhibits because it really pushed myself to get back to being healthy and also spend less of my money. Since I did those exhibits, I have been eating a lot healthier and taking care of my body. I try to exercise a couple days a week and make sure I do activities on the weekend. I also have been watching my spending habits and try to just spend my money on necessitates. I do sometimes still spend it on clothes but I am only human :) I really liked this project because it challenged myself in a lot of different ways. I also felt like it made me more responsible because I had to keep up with this project throughout the semester. Freshman year has taught me a lot about myself and I am so glad I have had this experience at Clemson. I am sad to say that I will not be attending Clemson University next year because I will be going to a nursing program in my hometown. I am excited for this new adventure in my life but I will not forget everything I have learned here. This class has taught me a lot about who I am and what I value the most. This class will definitely help me with the tough classes I will have as a nursing student and it will give me the confidence to achieve my goals. I will recommend this class to anyone considering take it because it is a class that you can use for the rest of your life. I really look forward to coming to this class because it is very useful in my life. Thank you for everything! I loved this class!!!


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