The Bodybuilder The Hillside Baptist Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Wow! Where did 2019 go? Another year ends and gives way to the new. Let’s begin 2020 with some intentional remembering. From new faces in the congregation to new faces in our worship music, we’ve been given a lot of “new”. What a blessing! The youth and their passionate leaders went to the ReThink Conference and came home already aching to go in 2020. We’re beginning an official pastoral leadership transition. We gave a van to a needy family! And the list of God’s blessings goes on and on. God has been good to us!

As we remember 2019 I hope we’ve seen growth in our personal discipleship. One of the most amazing things we can ever do is to look back at who we used to be and then think about all the ways Jesus has transformed our lives. I don’t know about you but when I do this I see a very broken guy who looked so desperately for something to satisfy. And oh what fulfillment I now have in Christ! What Joy! God is good.

So, with the past in mind, let’s run full steam ahead into the new year, determined and resolved to take the gospel of Jesus Christ unashamedly into the schools, streets, stores, public buildings, and everywhere else in the Dickinson area as we ourselves further learn to follow Jesus in all areas of life!

- Pastor Rob -

Opportunities This Month

Okay Ladies! There’s a new study beginning for you Friday, January 10th (6:30-8:30 - Childcare Provided). Donna Grunden will be facilitating a “Peacemakers” study for any and all ladies inside or outside our regular family, so make sure to invite! This will be a great opportunity to come and work through what it looks like to reconcile our everyday relationships in light of Jesus’ work of reconciling our greatest relationship!

Go ahead and mark your calendars to show up for Financial Peace University beginning February 2nd. It will take place at 9:00 AM, Sundays. This is an opportunity for us to each learn to be better stewards of what God has so richly blessed us with. This is a must as we learn to focus on stewardship in all the different areas of our lives. We must steward FOR the mission and the glory of God.

January is filled each year with resolutions and a fresh start for many. However, January is also a month in which many feel the weight of life. As many around us deal with seasonal depression, poverty, struggling single parenthood, and a plethora of other hardships, we are a people with the answer. As we commit this year to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World we must be looking for opportunities. So, consider yourselves challenged. I want you to intentionally bless someone you don’t know well or at all every day for the remainder of this month. Now this is a holy habit we can get behind!

Be in prayer for our next Quarterly Family Meeting on February 2nd. And be on the lookout for ways you’re seeing God at work around you so you can share it with all of us! We’ll meet together as a family to talk about things for a little while and then we’ll eat a meal and spend time just hanging out. So, mark your calendars and if you’re able, bring some food to share.

We’re looking for a few folks to join our “New Here?” Team. This is a new thing and will likely be launched in February. It’s going to be a team dedicated to making sure any new folks among us find their way around, feel welcomed and at home, and get plugged in. If you’d like to know more about it corner Pastor Rob.

Join us Sunday’s this month as Matthew continues to introduce the King! And if anything keeps you home one week, no worries. As always, you can catch back up on our sermons below.

Now, join God in his work this month in all you do.