Gatsby's Biography Sarah lieu & christina Ha

Gatsby's real name is James Gatz. He changed his name at the age of seventeen when he saw Dan Cody's yatch drop for Jay Gastby. His parents were shiftless and unsuccesfull farm people and he never accepted the fact that he came from a poor family so in his own imagination, he created a new persona. He was conviced at a young age that he was the son of God. Gatsby was born in the ''Midwest'' (North Dakota)

For over a year, Gatsby was a clam-digger and a salmon-fisher. He was also a small studen at the Lutheran College of St Olaf's in southern Minnesota and only stayed there two weeks. To pay for his education, he worked as a janitor. When Dan Cody's was fifty years old, he was doing a product of Nevada silver fields with transactions in Montana copper that made him many times a millionaire. Then, one time, Dan Cody was in the hospital, died and it was from Cody that he inherited money of twenty-five thousand dollars.

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